Every Day.

As part of the Ready for Summer challenge we are set a challenge every week. This week we were set the challenge to really solidify our challenge goals and focus us. I’ve got to admit. So far. I’ve avoided this challenge. I’ve avoided it because I’ve felt like my emotions are all over the place recently, I’ve felt a bit lost and very frustrated by a lot of things.

You know how what you want and what you need are two different things sometimes? Yeah. I’ve come to reason that this challenge is EXACTLY what I need. So, I’m a bit late to the party but so what, I get to dictate my challenge. So I started with just one week. To get to the end of each day honestly happy with my progress. I started on Thursday, so hopefully I can report back an increase in focus till then I leave you with Pinteresting Saturday.


Yep. I just made up a word. I’m off to Body Balance and X Biking this morning, I need to find a hair salon that won’t destroy my hair but will cut it nicely before Friday and someone to tame the eye brows!

Food is going pretty good, had a twix yesterday but was my only ‘slip’ and well within my points, and honestly, who can resist a twix?

So I’m leaving you will some things that I have found merriment or inspiration, you can decide which is which….

Source: google.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

Source: 9gag.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

Source: imgfave.com via Michelle on Pinterest

Smoothie Recipes!

Obviously I am a lover of smoothies, so I thought I would share the best of Pinterest smoothie recipes with you!

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Then if you get the chance to win that wonderful smoothie maker I’m giving away, or if you already have a maker have a go and let me know how they go!

So there are quite a few Smoothie recipes on Pinterest, I should know I waste spend enough time drooling researching there. My first and one of my favourites is this Green Monster from Iowa Girl Eats and she calls it her biggest diet weapon.

Image Via Pinterest

Now my next best smoothie from Pinterest is the Oatmeal Smoothie from America’s Martha Stewart. All the nutrition of oats in a lovely smoothie – anything better? Oh Yeah! It’s pink 😀

The next one is a great brain booster, got an exam coming up? Need to be on top form for an interview? Going out with clever people and want to learn tonnes over night? This smoothie is for you ! (actual results may vary 😉 ) Taken from the Oprah website the actual recipe is from Super Charged Smoothies.

You’ve got to love a Banana Boost in the morning, this smoothie has got to be my favourite banana based one. It’s from Chiquita Bananas and has a great texture to it. 

Carrots, Mango and Herbs are probably not the first combo that you would think of but it’s surprisingly good and what a super boost to your nutrition. Taken from Whole Living it’s a detox smoothie but it tastes great. 

Last but not least there is the Sunshine Burst smoothie which should brighten anyones day, taken from Smart, Food and Fit  it’s a super simple boost to anyones day.