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What is Weight Wars About?

Weight Wars is my personal account of how I changed my life from a constant emotionally driven binge eating disaster to the current happy work in progress. I talk about food & exercise and how it’sĀ incorporatedĀ in my happier, healthier family life. I write about products I love, exercise I love and hate, food I’ve eaten, how I’m feeling about everything and anyway, family adventures and occasionally how much lard I’ve shifted from my body.

I believe firmly that happiness comes from being comfortable with who you are, fat and all. I know that food and exercise are the key to weight loss but reality is if you can’t believe in yourself you won’t get anywhere and if you aren’t having fun you won’t keep doing it.


Back in 2010 I was contemplating getting a gastric bypass. I was desperate to lose weight, depressed at my life and struggling to make a change in my sedentary lifestyle driven by emotional eating and not understanding who I really was. When I was accepted on to the waiting list for this surgery I just couldn’t lose the 10% they asked me to which would prove I’d changed my life in order to support the surgery. What I wanted was the quickest fix I could get and I thought that a physical fix would overcome my inability mentally to give up the ice cream emotional eating.


Trouble is with emotional eating is that when you are constantly emotional you are constantly eating and when I could not lose that 10% I started to take a long hard look at my life. Then I started to make some big changes. They challenged me, I lost friends, gained some new ones, I distanced myself from those who were a negative part of my life and I started to embrace who I was, crazy and all! I used The Happiness Project to help structure the changes in my life and I started to feel better about myself and my life. It started gradually but I started to move a bit more, I started to get my family outside in our beautiful surroundings. Then one day, 9 months after I started getting happy, I decided I wanted to lose weight so that I could be healthy.

Cutting the Fat

I always smile at the phrase, “lost weight”, I haven’t lost it and I don’t want it back, I’ve systematically destroyed it! I keep count on myfitnesspal but I don’t tend to log my food there. I weigh in when I feel like it but I record it once a month. I have a target in mind but its not fixed and it might change so I’m not sharing that one, I expect to lose over 100 lbs.

I try and eat “cleanly” as possible. To me that means lots of veg and fruit, some meat (fat included but not swimming in grease), a little dairy and some nuts/seeds.

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