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About Me

I’m Becca, older than 30 younger than 35, engaged to a ginger, owner of one small person and cat. I care for people with mental health problems by day (well sometimes at night) and attempting to be a weight loss ninja the rest of the time.

I came close to losing 70 lbs not that long ago but I gained a considerable amount of it back (around 40lbs). I stopped blogging and I stopped feeling good, but I’ve decided now that it’s time I bring back the positive me, the one that didn’t measure all my successes by my weight loss  and the one that doesn’t have to feel bad if I don’t lose 2lbs a week till I hit my goal. I want to be me and I will be here now.

What is Weight Wars About?

Weight Wars is about weight loss, but significant weight loss is about so much more than just decreasing numbers on a scale. When weight wars started it wasn’t a positive place. I actually stopped writing here for 8 months because it wasn’t me anymore, I felt I’d moved on from it, become a more positive person than my blog would let me express because I started feeling that I had to be down and tell myself off if I fell off the wagon, cause that’s what fat people should do, be angry with themselves for not being the perfect dieter. I’m trying my best not to be that person now, cause life’s too short to beat yourself up when there are plenty of people who will do that for you.


A while ago I was contemplating getting a gastric bypass. I was desperate to lose weight, depressed at my life and struggling to make a change in my sedentary lifestyle driven by emotional eating and not understanding who I really was. When I was accepted on to the waiting list for this surgery I just couldn’t lose the 10% they asked me to which would prove I’d changed my life in order to support the surgery. What I wanted was the quickest fix I could get and I thought that a physical fix would overcome my inability mentally to give up the ice cream emotional eating.


Now, I eat what I consider healthily, I workout regularly in as many fun ways as I can, I try and beat my step goal daily (Fitbit Surge Fan here) and I try and smile as much as possible. I love to try new things, currently addicted to the cherry bakewell green tea from twinnings.

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