10 k Training Tuesday

I’m so excited to be writing this this week, for the first time this year I think! I am really feeling the pressure of the Bupa 10,000 date approaching and wanting to do myself proud. I think I should have given a lot more time to this than I have left and I haven’t so it’s make the most of time that I have now.

As I talked about last week I’ve been using the March Miles challenge from Fitfluential to get my butt moving again and I’ve been enjoying the process although I’ve found it difficult. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll have seen me tweet that the first 2 mile run of the plan really rocked my confidence. Monday = two miles. I felt right back where I was when I started this process. It was hard, tiring and I struggled my way through it. I was given a good talking too and realised that I knew I had to start somewhere with running again. I’ve not run in many many many months and so I took that 2 mile run as a starting point.

Tuesday: the second run was 3 miles, or 4.8km but I decided to round it up to a full 5k. I wanted to see what sort of time I was going to pull and use it as a baseline. I finished in 48 minutes and although thats no where near acceptable for me it is a starting point. I worked hard enough during that run and finished it feeling good and thats why I go to the gym, I go to the gym to feel good, I workout to feel good.

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Wednesday: the day after my 5k my legs did hurt. The DOMS were there and while I could get around alright I felt it a poor idea to run on them again, but with 2 miles on my schedule I decided I would do a brisk walk and stretch them out. So I completed my milage and my legs felt better by the time I’d finished than before I started. It proves the theory that light exercise is by far the best way to deal with DOMS.

Thursday I woke up feeling totally fresh the next day with a 5k scheduled. I had debated using it as a rest day but as I felt so good I headed to the gym in the afternoon with my bestie and bashed out the 5k. I may well be slow by a lot of peoples standards, I may not be running the whole thing non stop but you know what? I finished in just over 46mins knocking 2 minutes off my previous time. I actually felt like I pushed myself at times and its made me think about what it means to push through for me. I’ll write about that later though.

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Friday I woke up and no DOMS. I was pretty amazed to be honest and even considered hitting the gym for my 4 miles but as I moved around that morning doing my  usual morning stuff I realised my ankles and my hips needed a rest. So Friday became a day of rest for my body, just taking a little walk through to the local post office and run some errands.

Saturday came the run that I wasn’t really looking forward to, 4 miles. Thats further than I’ve run in well over a year (having not broken the 5km mark in a very long time) so I approached it with some trepidation but determination and expecting it to last well over an hour. I was amazed when I hit 4km and actually began to enjoy myself, and not just a little bit but a lot. I could literally feel my confidence growing and I didn’t care if I was slow, I didn’t care one bit, what I cared about was that it was happening, I wasn’t going to vomit or pass out and that every time I thought I was going to stop before the mini target I had set myself I didn’t, I told myself my legs weren’t giving out my head was and it wasn’t going to win. I finished the 6.4km in 58 minutes and 45 seconds. Less than the over the hour I’d expected which I was very happy with. As far as times go, I’ve come to accept that right now I’m not even going to be close to a “normal” time because I am not a “normal” runner, I wont be pulling 5 miles in 45 minutes like my epic boyfriend for instance, but I am doing the best I can right now and I will strive to improve it with every run.

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After that I deemed Sunday a rest day, I wasn’t actually suffering the next day and I considered going to do my regular run but was wary that I had a 200 mile + car drive that afternoon and wanted to be alert and awesome for it!

Monday was the first day that I really flaked out. I didn’t feel great about it either, for lots of reasons I didn’t want to run and the main one was there was no gym safety net. I’m staying at my fellas for the next week, no gym here and its not a town of runners particularly, which has its own problems like helpful comments from passers by, but I flaked out all day, I ate badly, I drank wine, I relaxed everything. I let it go for a day and today I am back and feeling great with it.

I feel like I’ve had a successful week, my confidence is improving and for once I actually feel like I’m getting somewhere, like I’m improving and working for that improvement. I also recognise that this week I had no parental responsibilities as the little fella was away and I had a week “off” work – i.e was working at home – so the gym was easily accessible. I need to make sure I make time for it particularly between now and July.

Hopefully I’ll be able to report more progress next week! How was your week? Are you training? 

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  1. You’re doing so well! I can’t imagine managing 6.4km, never mind doing it in under an hour so give yourself much more credit!!

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