The Stress Demon

In “it starts with food” it talks at length about the sugar dragon, that taming it is tough and it’s not wrong, it’s seriously tough but once it’s done it’s pretty much done.

Something else they mention is emotional eating, this is something I know all about. I got to the weight I was because of emotional eating, because my self esteem was in the floor and my life was a never ending cycle of abusing my body and being miserable about it so abusing it some more. Being angry I was so obese and continuing to make the situation worse.

I’ve made a lot of changes in my life but it’s still a difficult one to break. The man was involved in a motorbike accident this week, on Tuesday, I’d had a great day, really great, productive, fun day, then bang. I get a phone call, I’ve been hit by a car. Obviously I was worried, this is the father of my child, but the rational bit of me says that if he’s ringing then he’s going to be mostly ok. Thankfully he was hit by a nissan micra which pretty much crumpled around his leg, if it had been a more sturdy vehicle I would imagine that it would be a different scenario.

My first feeling was eat chips (as we drove past the chip van) and then I stopped myself.

Chips wont solve the problem or resolve my stress, if anything they will make the whole situation much worse. So I didn’t have chips.

It frustrated me though, why was it my first instinct? Then I started thinking of ways that I could overcome that instinct in some situations which are bound to arrive over the upcoming, well, life.

My first idea:

Go workout.

Simple I know but I can release stress in the weights room or on  the treadmill or thrash the bike and come out feeling calmer and stronger. Way better than chips. Running outside is also so good for the soul.

Talk it out. 

Talking to someone can really give you a perspective on a problem, give you new ideas, give you an ideal situation and outcome and help you plan for the worst case scenario. If you can’t do it for reals then head to twitter, facebook, or anywhere you communicate with others with.

Distract yourself. 

Go do whatever you can to distract yourself, clean, cook something healthy, have sex, look at the first two tips, do SOMETHING other than eat shit. Sleep even.

Tell yourself the truth. 

Out loud, in the mirror, tell yourself the truth. Tell yourself that you are only craving shit because of *insert reason*. Your brain should register that and cravings should start to diminish.

Eat a healthy meal. 

Honestly when you are full of good, you don’t want anything else.

So that’s my attack plan, what are your ways of beating the stress monster ?

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