Whole 30 Success

Third times the charm!

For the first time ever I have completed the whole 30. I read the book, I followed it to the letter for 30 days, and I came out the other side a much stronger person.

I said that on day 31 I would allow myself whatever I wanted on that day, if it was nothing it would be nothing, if it was something it would be something. I bought two things that I’ve been known to binge on in the past, I ate approximately 1/5 of what I would normally eat and I didn’t even particularly enjoy it. I thought I’d be scared of it, scared that I’d just slide right back but I’ve proven today to myself that it’s just not a pleasure to eat that way anymore. I ended up with a tummy ache too. Not worth it at all.

Here’s 30 things I’ve noticed, learned and want to make comment on now that it’s all done!

1. I felt like crap for about a week
2. Pushing through that week was the best thing I ever did
3. I couldn’t do intense exercise for 10 days
4. Whole 30 food is delish
5. The Well Fed cookbook is a must
6. READ THE BOOK and don’t just rely on the website. It starts with food is essential reading
7. 30 days might feel hard but it’s 30 days in the possible 25550 you may live. Get over it.
8. If you don’t give in at day 10 it gets massively easier
9. Lack of sleep has nothing to do that need for an afternoon nap – I get up at 5.30 bed at 10, no afternoon lull for me now
10. What you eat directly affects your emotions – I’ve never been so steady in how I feel
11. There is a HUGE variety of things to eat
12. The restricted list really isn’t that restrictive
13. You’ll fail if you don’t get inventive about what you eat, vary it, I’ve cooked at least one new recipe a week.
14. One day you’ll realise that you felt good all day, see it through to at least that day and you won’t look back
15. You’ll get to the end and you’ll want to keep going
16. Planning treat meals will leave you cold by the end, not interested
17. Doing the whole 30 could very well fix you. Even if it’s temporary it’s relieved a lot of my stress about food
18. Your body will change, I’ve lost 5% body fat in 30 days
19. It’s more than likely that you will lose weight, I lost 15 lbs, you need to manage this if you are near goal
20. If you eat food packed with nutrition you stop when you are full and you don’t need more
21. Pinterest can be great but read with caution, there’s a lot of “whole 30 approved” recipes that are not suitable
22. You won’t die without milk in your coffee or coffee at all
23. You won’t die without bread, pasta or rice
24. If you are used to standing on the scale a lot, expect it to be a challenge not to, hide it away
25. Everything gets easier when you have plenty of energy
26. You HAVE to read labels, sugar is in the most ridiculous things
27. You will have to explain the programme at least one person, best piece of advice – let them come to you
28. You’ll feel tired at bedtime. No more feeling tired at 3pm and hyper at 10pm. I start slowing down around 8.30 and sleep easy
29.  There is no excuse which will be accepted for derailment. I ate out, partied and went away for a weekend during the Whole30
30. You can do it. I can, so can you. 

8 thoughts on “Whole 30 Success

  1. Impressive. Maybe I’ll give it a go when I am on vacation. I don’t think I can deal with the preparations necessary when I have to deal with moving as well. And that way, I won’t have to go to work if I feel like crap. I might come to you for suggestions on what to eat :)

  2. HOOOORAY!!! So happy for you that you made it right through the 30 days! (you are so right – it really does get easier if you can just get over that 10-15 day hump!). And Well Fed is the best cookbook ever!!! You have inspired me to re-read it starts with food again and get my head back in the game, I’ve forgotten how amazing I felt post-whole 30 and I’m plagued by the sluggish tiredness again so I KNOW I need to clean up my act.

    High five again, you should be super dooper proud of yourself :)

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