The Fall Down

So the end of the whole 30 came and went and then the weekend came, and it wasn’t pretty.

I ate some sweet things, I ate some not so sweet things, I ate some whole30 things and some not whole30 things. What I definitely learnt from this experience is I feel like crap when I’m not eating properly.

Before the whole30 I didn’t really realise how badly I felt, I spent Saturday feeling horrendous, tired, irritable, headachy nauseous and weak. I’m serious, it was shockingly bad, the stomach ache was enough on it’s own without the really awful lethargy and the change in my mood.

To say that it put me firmly back in my place is an understatement, I’ve seen how my body runs on good fuel and now I feel how I run on shitty fuel. It’s painful, it’s depressing and it’s awful.

So from Sunday on I’m back to clean. I have a social engagement on Friday which I’m looking forward to but I’m going to suffer afterwards, but I won’t let it derail the food awesomeness.

So I’m loving whole30 and I miss it already, I responded to a twitter shout out to start again on August 5th so I’m going to be back with it as soon as possible. Hopefully the next 15 lbs will disappear as easily as the first did! I doubt that somehow but steady, clean eating = steady weight loss and thats what I want. Feel free to join us! Tweet me @Weight_Wars :)

Speaking of Twitter, Laura tweeted me in response to my body positive fail post the other day and I loved what I read, intelligent and very close to the knuckle. Body love is not an obligation. I recommend it for those struggling with the concept, and those who don’t.

How did your weekend go? 

4 thoughts on “The Fall Down

  1. I think that realization — of the positive impact healthy food has on your body – is a critical experience that really does help you see your food in a different way, which in turn helps you lose weight without any feelings of deprivation :)

  2. I felt exactly the same after my Whole30 – gosh, the rest of the junk is just SO not worth it! Unfortunately after a few months I’ve slipped back into ‘easy habits’ – but I am keen to get it all back on track ASAP. I’m going to repeat a Whole30 in October, but in the meantime I want to get back to 90% Whole30 meals and eats.

    Hope it goes well for you and the results follow!

  3. I love that it made you physically feel so much better. I suspect that’s the impetus you need to overcome the ‘mental / emotional’ desire you (we) have to eat crap!!!

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