Color Run UK Manchester

Yup, this is happening…

I’m going to Manchester for the first time EVER in July to run and walk a 5k with my wonderful friend Emma (you can follow her on twitter here) and say hi to her cause she’s full of awesome.

Anyway. I’ve never been to Manchester before, I can’t really afford to go to Manchester, or the race registration or the hotel but you know what, I want in on this badly. I won’t have a cheer squad as the boys will be having a boy weekend while I’m off with my girl so I’m hoping some friends may be able to come along.

It’s no secret that I’m struggling this year to find any motivation. I struggle to lose any weight when I eat well, so I lose motivation and don’t eat well which in turn sees my weight climb. It’s been climbing up and down since January. I have seen a scary number in the last week and it was sobering. My foot is still an issue but it finally prompted me to go to the doctor and so while I was there I discussed some other stuff with her. When I get the results you’ll be the first to know.

I need to find that motivational part of me again, I want to be able to eat well and live well. I need to cut out the junk completely, right now I can’t cope with it in moderation. I need to start identifying what it is that is sending me to this place. The last week it’s been stress, lots of work piling up, and the added stress of just not being able to do things I want to. Plus our washing machine spewed water everywhere and died. That too sucks. My car sucking everything out of my pocket doesn’t help either. I keep buying the wrong things. I keep eating the wrong things. I need to pull it together because I’m fed up of failing and I’m fed up of writing about it. I need to take action.

I know some things that have helped me get back on track in the past are:

  • Working out in some way. 
  • Keeping a food diary.
  • Being more positive about myself.
  • Seeking support from friends.
  • Cooking some interesting things.
  • Getting more sleep

I’m actually writing this on Thursday. I’m planning to be back on track on Monday after a mammoth shop arriving at the weekend. I’ll be logging on my fitness pal and I’ll be opening up my diary. I ask of you people, who are friends with me there, please talk to me. I need to stop bottling up the feelings I’m having about all of this and start talking, which seems an odd thing for a blogger to say but I think a lot of you will understand.

8 thoughts on “Color Run UK Manchester

  1. The run sounds awesome Rebecca!

    As for the ups and downs, I know you’ve got the strength to do this. You just have to stick to your plan and not let short-term set backs throw you off track completely. You already know what you need to do, just go forth and do it. The results are going to be so worth the effort. Any time you need support, just shout out! I’m so eager to read about your success :) Good luck!

  2. Just stumbled across your blog and it struck a chord and just wanted to say that I’m glad you have a lot of insight as to what is going on and opposed to just ‘giving up’ it sounds like you’re deciding to tackle it head-on so go you :) and you most definitely should use your blog during this journey as I find that so helpful, especially when times inevitably get a bit tough (as well as when there are times to celebrate!). I sympathise with the yo-yoing and the junk food as I found this past year particularly tricky to balance but finally getting to grips with it all so hang in there! I was the same in that I just needed to cut out the junk essentially totally (as it was leading to binges) and once I was settled I could reintroduce it and now I can enjoy it as a treat. Just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone in this situation and to wish you luck! The color run looks awesome too – I’m sadly away for the one in London but hoping it will come back soon!

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