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Last weekend the boys and I headed out for a hilarious time at the local ski slope. I used to ski as a teenager and even went abroad to ski a few times and loved it, but I was at the stage where I was getting out of shape and starting to prefer food, boys and beer to sport and I let it go. Given my foot is still sore every single minute of every single days skiing after so many years was not an option but we came up with an alternative.

What do you get when you cross a doughnut with a big hill? 250 calories burned in 30 minutes that’s what! 

Yeah, not *that* kind of doughnut! ^ That kind of doughnut.

Yes, I sat in one of those and threw myself down  that hill. So did the boy, and the man. The boy was a little apprehensive before as he’s not great with heights but after the first go he screamed his way down the hill time and time again. Ok. So sitting on my butt down a hill doesn’t burn calories, but I tell you what, dragging that tube back up the hill again very often dragging Charlie’s doughnut with me and at times him as well!

We dressed for the cold but coming up that hill time and time again soon had us stripping back off again! we ended up in just one layer! What I loved about the whole thing that it was £7 per person for 30 minutes a time. We got our full 30 mins going down the hill – they did the little chat before our time started and it was good for any one at any age.

I tell you what, I’ll let the videos tell you what it was like! (I can’t believe I’m posting this lol).

Sno Tubing from Rebecca Bond on Vimeo.

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