My Chat With Paul McKenna!

So on Monday I had a lovely chat with Paul McKenna about his new book The Hypnotic Gastric Band and it was interesting! Just to give you a little round up of his new book the press release goes something like this…

Paul describes as ‘the closest thing to real magic that he’s ever witnessed’

Hypnotic Gastric Band is step-change in helping people achieve and maintain permanent, healthy weight loss. The audio programme and book offer ‘a psychological procedure that convinces the unconscious mind that a gastric band has been fitted, so the body behaves exactly as if it were physical present’.

The procedure recently caused a stir in the States when Paul demonstrated the procedure on the Dr Oz Show and he’s anticipating a similar response as the book is launched this week in the UK.

I like hypnosis. I use a couple of Iphone apps to help me get to sleep when I’m struggling and I once saw a hypnotist for some therapy and it did help my brain and I still listen to the recording semi regularly. It helps me relax. Does it help me feel more motivated? Did it help me lose weight? No. It didn’t because I didn’t have the initial spark there to use the positivity and the encouragement to go forward.

So I got to ask my question and I got to listen to them all chat too. You can watch the chat here, I assure you the echo and noise stops after a while.

What I love is that Paul totally gets that the diet industry is  more harmful than good. My understanding is that generally when we diet we restrict calories so much we lose muscle. Muscle is active tissue which requires calories to live so the body dumps it when it feels its at threat of not surviving. This in turns means we have a lower muscle mass and therefore a lower metabolism, this is sometimes referred to as “starvation mode” which isn’t that accurate and leads to a tonne of confusion. Trouble with that reduced muscle mass is that when we inevitably break down, start bingeing or eating as we were before we are now burning even less calories just from living and so it’s nearly impossible to maintain your loss and you put the weight back on and more eating the same things as you did before. So that minor difference in understanding (which amounts to the same thing) aside the chat was interesting.

Paul agrees with me (and says I ask an intelligent question apparently!) on a 3 main things …

one you lose weight better when you are happy and feeling good about yourself.
two crash dieting screws your metabolism
three diet companies don’t care about you and feed you chemical laden food

You can read the webchat that went before the chat here on the mumsnet site. 

So the lovely Paul invited us all to his seminar in London in February, it happens to co inside with my birthday which I’m very excited about! I really hope I can get up there. He’s also sending me a copy of his book so there maybe a give away in the offing!

5 thoughts on “My Chat With Paul McKenna!

  1. I’ll be interested to see what you make of the book.
    I did buy one of his early hypnoslim books and CDs and didn’t find it worked for me at all. But I do think I was very resistant and cynical before I started which I feel must have affected my unconscious mind too. Because I meditate now and see the difference that makes to the rest of my life I am tempted to give Mr McKenna a second chance 😀

  2. I’ve fallen into the misguided belief that the lower my calorie limit the better off I’ll be. I’ve since seen the error of my ways, and I’m aiming to build up a little muscle in order to increase my metabolism so I’ll be more effective at burning fat. A slow process, yes, but a worthwhile one :)

    Looking forward to watching the chat video (it’s blocked in work so I’ll have to wait until I get home)


  3. Great to see the success that comes for people from this. Paul Mckenna uses all the best ideas and the only downside is that you need to be motivated to get them to work, you clearly are so well done to anyone who makes that change!

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