More Clothing Retrospectives

We all love a weight loss comparison shot and after yesterdays weigh in I needed one too. So over the weekend we started to sort out the house for the preparation for what will be the boys birthday sleepover chaos on Friday and Saturday (four five year old boys in my house – I must be mad).

While I was sorting it I came across a number of pairs of trousers that I had intended to cut up and use for scrap material and had never got around to doing so as they were a size down from the biggest size I had worn at one stage I thought I’d try them on bolstered before by my surprising experience with my wedding dress I popped off my jeans and popped on the new clothes I’d found.

First was my all time favourite pair of jeans. Humiliatingly they actually wore out in the thigh before I shrunk out of them. *insert red but very honest face here*. The fit of them now I’m guessing that wouldn’t be a problem.

I find with a lot of the things I “shrink” out of it’s the crotch that is the warning point. It gets lower and lower and as you can see by the gratuitous ass shot it ends up somewhere near my knee. I had a good inch of fold on the legs and the waist, and the chubby thigh rub holes tell you they used to be tight.

Then I came across my old favourite work trousers. I loved these guys, they were comfy, I thought flattering and stylish, they went with my suit jacket and they went with most of my clothes. Err I think it would dangerous to wear these right now…

 That picture really surprised me. It’s deceiving in a way because it looks like I’m half the size and I’m not but it’s completely a big and noticeable change.

I needed this. I tried on lots of dresses last week, I have several Christmas functions coming up plus a wedding next year and I want to look good and feel good. I’ve bought three dresses, I’m yet to try all three on with decent underwear and heels but when I do I’ll let you know which one I choose.

 What I do know, what those clothes show me, is that I’ve come some way. I know when I look at myself right now that I’m so much happier and more determined. I’m happy full stop. I do want to be a “healthy weight” and right now that’s not me. I’m desperate to get going with some exercise but am seeing the Physio tonight to discuss that.  I am so twitchy and in typical me-ness I’m desperate to run again and my lovely son has started talking about going out for a run with me! Timing dude!

I did have a fabulous weekend though, despite the weigh in so I’m getting through this week positively. And don’t forget to take a look at 13 in 13 and get signed up! 


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