….And the winner is…..

Get Fit Feel Epic had it’s last post yesterday and so here we are ready to announce the winner of the Fit Bit! Look how happy that woman is, that might be you if you took part in Get Fit Feel Epic!

I just wanted to say a few words about Get Fit Feel Epic, I’ve been so blown away by what you’ve achieved and what you have dedicated yourself too. We’ve done fabulously well and I’m so pleased that despite a pretty major setback I have achieved a fair bit through the challenge too.

So what did we achieve during the challenge? SO MANY THINGS!

And that winner is…..

Mary at Stationery not Stationary


Mary is a very worthy winner and I really hope that you will join me in congratulating her and what she achieved during Get Fit Feel Epic including getting a new job!

Here is some of the best shots shared during the Get Fit Feel Epic challenge have a little click on the pictures and visit their blogs, we really have such amazing girls here. . .

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