Weighing on my mind

Well it came around and my first weekly Wednesday weigh in happened. I weighed in the week before and found my self 4lb up from my lowest weight which was very disappointing although this had varied considerably through the month before.

So without further ado….(and in biggest loser style)

So I’m pretty pleased with that result although I was hoping to see myself back at my lowest again (231) I know that it’s within reach and then the 220’s. I’m logging my food faithfully and sticking to Primal things. I had a cheat meal Wednesday, it wasn’t planned as such but it was weigh in day, I had a burger and chips, and within an hour was in agonising stomach pain. The bread and the chips were just too much for my stomach and I’ve been suffering on and off ever since. Just to mention I’m part of the Skinny Doll weight loss challenge too, so hi to those guys if they are popping by.

Thing is you can feel odd about losing a couple of lbs sometimes, I have the Get Fit Feel Epic challenge in my mind and I know that I want to be at goal before my Triathlon which will mean doing better than I have ever done before. That said I had time to go to the gym this morning and I didn’t go. I am still sore, I pulled my shoulder this morning and I was exhausted. I have to pay more attention to bedtime because my motivation just dies when I’m tired and quite honestly I look like death warmed up today.

The round up is quite fun though…

So onwards and downwards right? 

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  1. Eating healthy and exercising can be so difficult to stick with. Yay for you!!

    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :)


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