Weigh In Wednesday

Ok it’s Thursday, but I weighed in yesterday as scheduled and to say I was surprised at the result is an understatement! I thought, given my general malaise, lack of gym time and injury that it wouldn’t be so great this week. After last weeks reasonable loss as well I was expecting a small loss or a stayed the same this week. I’d focussed on the non scale victories this week and actually felt fairly zen about the whole thing. Since I’ve started using the different web site I’ve been much more honest with myself about my consumption and general well being. Now I’m injured I’m paying even more attention to what I’m eating.

So once again in Biggest Loser Stylee …

Yep. When I saw 22 at the beginning I nearly fell over. Again.

I was super pleased. I’ve been up and down in the 230s for months now and it’s been so frustrating, I’m so chuffed to finally be in the 220’s and fairly firmly too. I’m expecting a bounce up eventually to make up for the unusual week I’m having but 220’s here I am! I feel great.

That means over all I’ve lost 58 lbs which is over 4 stone (for the brits) ! I’ve never, in the many years that I’ve attempted to lose weight  made it this far and this is totally the lowest weight I’ve been in probably 8 years.

It’s really fired me up to carry on getting it down and suddenly my be at wonderland goal seems a little more achievable. It may not be but it feels like I can try.

How did you get on this week? Scale or non scale victories? Bring on the blobs!

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    • Still Paleo, well more primal but still with it, I can’t imagine eating loads of pasta or stuff like that again now. I’m just using a different logging website, I’m not sure I want to say yet cause I’ve not got to grips with it before I recommend it, it’s similar to MFP but charged and more private.

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