Totally Rocking My 0% World: Total Split Pots Review

So a little while ago I got a lovely invite to an event held by Fage Total Greek Yoghurt, they were putting on an amazing workout followed by a lunch, I wanted to go, oh so bad, but sadly it was 3 hours away at a time that I just couldn’t go. So I replied to the email and explained my predicament, full time busy, 3 hour journey and £85 a train ticket meant I wasn’t going but thanks dudes for the offer.

They felt pity for me or they are just super super nice so Total sent me a load of split pots to have and try. There were no strings attached so I will give my totally honest opinion… I absolutely LOVE their split pots, they honestly  are the *best* breakfast known to man. They completely fill you up until lunch. I don’t usually go for 0% stuff either because generally it’s pumped full of sugar or sweeteners to make it taste half decent but Total isn’t the same, the only sugars are natural ones generally from the accompanying compote or honey and I actually prefer the texture of the 0% stuff to the full fat version.

The most important thing to recognise is how much of a whack of protein is in there. It’s seriously seriously good. That’s what keeps you full up and it’s so important for muscle repair and a healthy diet.

 So you will understand my excitement when on Wednesday this package turned up on my doorstep…

Honestly I was more than a bit chuffed and Charlie wanted to know why I kept squealing. So so exciting. By the way you can follow Total on Facebook for recipes and what not and on twitter for shorter ramblings or if you are more of a watcher of videos type have a look at their YouTube channel their website is packed full of stuff too…awesome work Total.

So I got 4 flavours, Blueberry, Raspberry & Pomegranate, Strawberry, and Natural Honey, I photographed 3 of them oddly not noticing that I had photographed one of them twice. Doh.

 You can learn all about the yoghurt and it’s amazingness here on their website, but the most important thing you need to know is…

TOTAL is 100% all-natural Greek yoghurt – the favourite, authentic Greek yoghurt of the UK. Imported from Greece, it comes from a long family heritage and is painstakingly made in the traditional process. And it’s this process that makes TOTAL so unique – thicker, creamier and more indulgent, yet totally natural and healthy.

And that it’s totally yum. That’s important too. Make your fridge happy too! You can get split pots in Waitrose and Sainsburys, plus plain Total in 3 % fat contents in most supermarkets :)

5 thoughts on “Totally Rocking My 0% World: Total Split Pots Review

  1. I’ve been eating the 0% with cherry pomegranate for a sweet treat lately :) Tastes like a less-sweet cheesecake, which I love, because I’m not really into sweets these days! I also have a plain one for breakfast with either pumpkin puree or nut butter stirred in – I switched to the 2% instead of the 0%, though, on my doctor’s recommendation, to try and get slightly more healthy fat.

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