Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Pink Fashion!

Earlier this week Breakthrough Breast Cancer got in touch with me with a press pack about the new range of Breast Cancer Awareness Month clothing and fundraising. They explained to me that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime in the UK, while 1,000 women die from the disease each month in the UK – so raising vital funds and awareness is crucial to help us beat breast cancer for good.

Recently I underwent genetic counselling due to the breast cancer history in my mothers family. I have a high risk of carrying the breast cancer gene and will have some decisions to make in the future about how I’m going to minimise my risk. It was a really interesting consultation though and I learnt a lot about Cancer and the cancer gene. It’s a scary thought really. I’m doing what I can to reduce my risk now though. I’ve had a child, and I’m working on diet and exercise.

Anyway Breakthrough Breast Cancer have got a brilliant range of clothes and accessories including a whole set of sports wear! This is Marks and Spencers sports offering… Elegant as you would expect from them. We have a technical T Shirt (£15), loose running trousers (£19.50), and a  high impact, front zip sports bra (£22.50).

I love the t shirt and bra but never get along with that style of workout trousers, they just don’t suit my chub location. Breakthrough have also worked with Adidas to get great sports wear for the cause, this is Adidas’s offering…

We have a pink ribbon fleece (£40), track jacket (£45) and a short sleeved t shirts (£25) on the first page…

And on the second page you have (left to right) Womens track pants (£40), 3/4 leggings (£30), tank tops (£23), and pink ribbon shorts (£25). I find Adidas tend to run a touch small but they do have a lovely eye for design. I totally love all this.

The last set of sports wear is from Zumba! Now I am in no way co ordinated (as yesterdays post would lead to understand!) so Zumba is something I have failed to master however I do love the clothing and would totally wear any of this…going from left to right again we have ….a Share the love top (£26.95), Rubber bracelets (£9.95), Cargo pants (£58.95), Baseball Tee (£29.95), Pink racerback shirt (£19.95), and Bandana’s (£10.95).

I think the sports wear is amazing stuff, all pretty, all wearable and a huge portion of the price goes to this fantastic charity! They also have a range of home decorations, fashion wear (some of which is gorgeous), accessories, lingerie and night wear, beauty accessories and even food and drink!

Take a look at the look book for a taste of what you can get during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

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