Paleo Pancakes … nom nom nom

I’m particularly proud of this one, I’ve seen a tonne of Paleo pancake recipes all over the web, but this one I just made myself off the top of my head whilst playing in the kitchen. So here’s my pancake recipe…

You will need…

2/3 eggs
200 grams Ground Almonds
Vanilla Essence
Almond milk
Cinnamon (to your taste)
Fruit if you want

What to do with it…

Whisk together the eggs and vanilla until nice and fluffy. Separately mix together almonds and cinnamon, I add some salt to it sometimes too, just a pinch.

Mix the wet and dry ingredients together until the mix is mostly smooth. If you need to use some milk to get the consistency you want. I end up using a lot of milk sometimes, you could add another egg if you wanted.

Then get a pan really hot, add some coconut oil or whatever cooking fat you like, heat that stuff up till it’s super hot, then pour your mix in, chuck in some fruit if you want, extra cinnamon, nutmeg, whatever, it’s your pancakes. Maple syrup or honey is good too.

Chow down!

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