Not So Sweet Smell of Non Scale Victories

Last week I noticed that I’d had a few Non scale victories recently, I’ve changed my life a great deal over the last few years and that really is showing with my new endeavours. I’ve also bought some new clothes recently. I shop online a lot because I HATE shopping with crowds of people, so I have to guestimate the sizes as they seem to vary so much. I ordered  a dress in a size I kind of considered “my size” and it was too big. Like 3 sizes to big.

So I started to evaluate what actually fits me and it’s 4 sizes smaller than when I started this journey. I wear normal clothes now. From normal shelves. Not from the chubby girl range.

NSV number 2 : I actually can look at my face without feeling unwell or cringing. This is me on the way to the pub last weekend.

That night went a lot like this…

Finally there is the non scale victory that the title of this post is referring too. For a number of years I didn’t regularly wear deodorant. I didn’t need to because I rarely sweated. I lived under the illusion that it was because I wasn’t really a sweater. I didn’t ever smell myself (and never had any complaints!) so I felt pretty certain that I wasn’t much of a sweaty person.

It hit me today when I noticed that I needed to pop some deo on (code for I caught a wiff of myself) that the reason I never broke a sweat before is because I never considered doing anything that would break a sweat. For instance back then we lived around a 10 minute walk from the shopping centre and where I currently go everyday. Back then we wouldn’t have considered walking there from our place, we always drove (and paid for parking!). Well, it is up a big hill and down another hill.

Recently I’ve been parking there. Deliberately. Doing the walk. And I’ve had a little sweat on. It’s been swampy humid and wet recently.

I’m strangely proud of having to use deodorant.

Whats your strangest NSV? 

6 thoughts on “Not So Sweet Smell of Non Scale Victories

  1. First of all, love that photo! You look terrific!
    It’s great that you’ve taken some time to recognize these little victories. You’ve been putting in a lot of effort and even though you may feel like you’ve got a long way to go, it’s important to appreciate how far you’ve come.

    I’m trying to think of my strangest NSV but I can’t think of anything specific. I just love seeing how getting stronger has a positive impact on how I carry out tasks in other areas of my life :)

  2. I love your look – you can carry bright lipstick so well:) And that top is the perfect frame for your body art.

    So glad to hear you praising yourself and taking credit for how well you are doing.

    My strangest NSV is having to fasten my bras with safety pins because they’re too big for me!

  3. I’m always conscious that I smell. I’m not a massively sweaty person but I get paranoid and I often carry deodorant on me.

    I love NSVs. Sometimes although the weight is coming off on the scales I can’t always see it, not because I haven’t lost weight but because of my brain but when I fit in smaller clothes I can’t deny I’ve lost weight.

    Congrats on your NSVs.

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