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So a while ago I was having a chat with Power House fitness about what my fantasy home fitness centre would be and I’ve been pondering it ever since. I’ve blogged about what I actually do have at home before but what would I actually want? First of all, I need my dream house, sunny position, single story, 4 bed, with a big garden and a double garage.

So working on that basis this is what I would fill my space with.

First of all, Cardio, I mostly hate it but I would go with one of these spinner sprint spin cycle spin bikes, I mean WOW at this thing. It’s yellow and it’s like mountain biking. I’ve talked about X Biking before and I love it so much.

Oh man that bike is pretty. It’s so easy to use and they really are one of the best indoor cycling bikes around, it not only gets your legs going but the handle bars move too and work those bingo wings. My second choice is this one, the Bodymax TurboHD.

So on to treadmills, this one is going to be my choice this time. The ProForm 950ZLT I-Fit Treadmill  I mean look at this bad boy. It’s got everything you need and more!

It does all the normal stuff that treadmills do, shock absorption, programmes, and a lovely bright led display but it also links with Nike + which I use and the running deck folds up so it can be stored nicely. I’m a sucker for a gadget compatible piece of equipment so this is a huge bonus for me. The bonus with the programmes is that it’s all coached by Jillian Michael’s, the session is changed each day and it uses google maps to design the programmes. It’s got an embedded Ipod dock too. All round gadget girls love.

In the battle between the Elliptical and the Rowing Machine it’s always going to be the rower. And in a fantasy gym world I’d be having this baby – the WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine.

It is the same as in my gym at the moment, it’s a water rower so it feels really like the real thing. It’s wooden too which pleases my aesthetic love of things that are pretty. You can have a polar ready heart rate unit with it and it packs upright ready for storage. Pretty nifty really. Seems like this would be a good thing to go with it.

Now you dudes know I love to box, I can’t wait to get to the local boxing gym that I’m trying to get in to. So part of my fantasy gym has to have some boxing gear in it! The Man is in to MMA too so we need a set to workout with.

So I’d start with some wraps and I like the gel wraps too but mostly, who wouldn’t love these gloves.

We totally need some pads, I like to kick and all sorts so some pads would help the man protect his delicates.

Certain things are needed completely so I’d go for a number of smaller things too. Like this stepper, this sexy gym ball (I like Purple lol),  I already have this amazing skipping rope, and I love these balance trainers (doing a plank on them is killer!).


Now obviously if you are working out at home a mat of some kind is essential. I love to workout barefoot if I’m doing Yoga, Pilates, and Crossfit type workouts. A good mat is needed and I really like the look of this one.

 Now right now we have a RIP:60 which is a product very similar to the original TRX suspension training programme. It’s some hard work with little impact on you.

Kettlebells are a must for the home gym, so versatile and useful they can be used with just about any routine to add a strength element to the workout. You have to love these ones

They come from 8 – 32 kg so can be as challenging as you like and those skulls are just cool. If you don’t fancy looking death in the eyes these sunny yellow ones may be more up your street. Same goes for Medicine balls, really versatile and totally useful. There are a huge range of weights and those with or without handles.

I love the bar and weights so a colourful set like this would be totally up my street. Cheerful and colourful and fun!

So my fantasy gym is looking pretty good too me. I daren’t add up how much it would cost me though! Right now we are saving up for a half decent road bike so none of this can be afforded :( … one day it will be mine! For now I will have to put up with sharing with the sweaty men in my gym. Lifes not so bad I guess 😉

What would be your key fantasy home gym equipment or do you prefer going somewhere else to workout? 



3 thoughts on “Fantasy Home Fitness

  1. Not sure I’d have a fitness thing at home as I’m not great at working out by myself. I think I like classes etc. Even the idea of dance DVDs don’t ‘do’ it for me cos I like to be amongst others… (An exercise bike or treadmill – for ‘off-days’ would be handy though!)


  2. Love your list!! I’ve got a few of the things – the pink Everlast gloves (though I have the 14 oz. ones and I’m not ready to use those yet!) and I recently bought a Bosu which I love having in the house … it’s great for those days when I can’t make it to the gym or want to do a little extra workout at home :)

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