Happiness October: Pay Attention

October is all about mindfulness and really being present in all the things you do. Gretchen talks about how Buddhism was always recommended to her as a path to Happiness but when she actually studied it she didn’t feel any real connection to it which of course is the point! Buddhism teaches detachment as a way to alleviate suffering which is far removed from our western ideals of deep bonds and attachments and relationships. However she did recognise that one thing she had really overlooked was the art of mindfulness. Being able to concentrate on one thing and complete a task with full concentration.

Gretchen decided to take up some meditation, examine her true rules, stimulate her mind in new ways and keep a food diary. She found that by becoming more focussed she became more productive. It also helped her give up bad habits – like “fake food” and mindless eating – which had made her feel bad and had been done without thinking. Ever eaten a snack and felt guilt afterwards because you realised you didn’t think about what you were doing? Gretchen did a lot and when it stopped she was happier.

 So my goals for this month. ..

Be Present

I’ve slipped back in to old habits and I’m feeling it, I feel rude even when I’m doing it but I check my phone too much and that distracts me from what’s really happening and having actual conversation. I want to pay attention to the situation I’m in and the way I’m interacting with others.

Track My Food

I’m going to faithfully track my food, I would like to do at least 3/4 of the days in October to really get my food back on track. I know I always feel better when I eat better, I meet my goals better I enjoy myself more without the attached guilt of unhealthy food. The club I’ve joined has a logging facility with some cool graphs and stuff. It should keep my attention for a while.

Be A Productiveness Ninja

I procrastinate like a boss, I am the queen of terrible multi tasking, writing blog posts can take hours sometimes because of facebook, twitter, google reader, forums, and all kinds of other little distractions. I have a plan and I’ll talk about it more another time but it’s time to get productive and efficient.

Spend Quality Time With The Boy

My last one is a change of circumstances acceptance resolution. I’ve spent the last 3 years working from home, dropping Charlie here there and everywhere, being there for every day of school, holding his hand on the first day of reception class and cheering him on at his first Ju Jitsu Grading. I hear about his day on the walk out of school every single day, except now, I don’t. I don’t pick  him up, by the time I get him from after school club he has eaten dinner, mostly done his homework and is getting tired. I get about a 1 hour window on working days and I want to use it to spend time with him. Put my phone down, put my work down and spend time with him. They will be there when he is asleep.

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