Get Fit Feel Epic !

Wow we are hurtling through this challenge like a bullet train or something! It’s been a stressful couple of weeks here at Bond Manor and  I have been struggling a little to get my goals working for me.

First task of the week as always is to review our goals, this may be brief this week…

Weigh Less At The End of The Challenge

I think I’ll be ok. This week has been terrible but thankfully the scale spared me a massive gain and has played around the same number since. I’ve stopped weighing every day and I’ve started weighing weekly. I’ve also joined a slimming club online to get some help with tracking and some support.

Hopefully we will see a downward trend soon, I’ve also joined the Skinny Doll challenge too to provide some more motivation.

Ride my bike 16 times before the end of the challenge & Complete 4 weeks of the C25K
Complete Stage 2 of the New Rules Of Lifting For Women 

Not much progress here at all. I didn’t get to the gym so the NROLFW got pushed to one side, it’s going to take a miracle to meet this goal by the end of the challenge now but it always was an ambitious goal. I’ve not run or biked or really moved my butt at all but what I HAVE done is looked at my schedule and planned in my gym sessions, hope for a better week next week.

Learn 8 new recipes and blog them

This week was the Primal / Paleo Fruit Loaf and it was blooming beautiful.

And then it’s on to the challenge, this week it was TRY SOMETHING NEW. Well my something new is to join a new food club. It’s got logging facilities, training plans, and a little community. I’m hoping it will help me get my mojo flowing again. I’ll weigh in each Wednesday and I am looking forward to getting going properly, I’ve been easing myself in to it and moving forward to healthier.

It’s not what I was hoping for, I wanted to join a sports club but I didn’t get the chance to, I’m going to look more in to it this week. Hopefully I will have something to report back on.

Hope you have had an amazing week and I LOVE this weeks challenge, can’t wait to see everyones work! Can’t wait to read your reports. 

4 thoughts on “Get Fit Feel Epic !

  1. Saw that you were doing some blog-reading on the exercise bike this morning so it sounds like that is going well.

    I agree that daily weighing can be soul-destroying. Certainly for me!

    • I don’t tend to find it that hard but in my mind it’s like its done I can eat now! At least once a week rather than every other day should mean I start losing again.

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