EPIC levels of frustration

Monday. Who likes Mondays? Well I kinda did till this week, I head off each weekday morning knowing I’m doing something I really love and that feels good. Honestly if you hate Mondays start looking at why. It can be difficult and sometimes you have to just have have faith that things will work out but you can be happy on a Monday.

Anyway, tangent aside, this Monday SUCKED.

I was doing the walk that I actually mentioned in yesterdays post, when my foot just disappeared from under me. Or rather I massively slipped on a wet, uneven paving slab and crumpled like a sack of spuds. I was helped by a lovely passer by who picked me up and I said thanks and that I was OK and he walked on.

I then felt a little funny, I figured it was the shock of the fall so I stood leaving against a nearby wall for a second, then I can remember thinking “I can’t stand up much longer” turned around and looked for somewhere to sit and once again found myself on the floor, only this time I had fainted.

Yup, I hit humiliation factor 10.

So at this point my lovely helpers – a solicitors firm I collapsed outside of – took me inside and rang for a paramedic. I was shaking uncontrollably and white as a sheet plus my foot was agony. I couldn’t stand on it and I couldn’t get my boot off.

It took morphine, whilst lying on the floor with my feet in the air to stop me passing out again as my blood pressure bottomed out again and again. Yep, as a fat person with low blood pressure I feel like I’m some kind of medical marvel. It’s not so good in these circumstances though. So off to Accident and Emergency I trot with my blood pressure stabilised, I’m X Rayed and nothing is broken and I’m like WTH?! How can nothing be broken when I can barely have anyone touch my foot. Agony is not the word. I have some serious soft tissue damage and pulled ligaments. It hurts like a mo fo. I recommend you all remain upright for as long as possible. I also have pulled muscles in my legs, ankle and butt. Yep. My butt hurts. I didn’t land on it either. I landed on my knees which are now bruised worse than a 2 dime hooker.

Thankfully it could have been worse, I didn’t hit my head. I haven’t broken anything.

What I can’t do is go to my happy place. What I can’t do is walk. Exercise. Anything. Very frustrating. What I do have though is an elephant foot. It’s hard to show in pictures but the left one is the damaged one.

So I’m currently stuck to the sofa which might sound great but when your butt is sore it’s not comfortable. My blanket is keeping me nice and toasty though.

It’s ironic too because just a night earlier, or two, Saturday anyway I was on that very same piece of pavement, and safely traversed it, with a few Mojitos inside of me and pictures from that night looked a bit like this…

How can I do it tipsy but not sober?!

I don’t hold up much hope for this weeks weigh in, between the amount of drinks consumed on Saturday, and now the amount of swelling in my lower limb (thats what he said) and the fact that I may not be able to stand on Wednesday. Oh well. I’ll give it a go anyway…is it cheating if I use my crutches to lift myself a little? no? Oh well goal weight is on the horizon……

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  1. Any chance the solicitors could do a personal injury claim for uneven pavement?? Hope you’re back to your happy place soon xxxxx

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