Back in the Game!

Well after seemingly having weeks of rest I finally hit the gym on Monday. I expected to feel rough when I did it, I expected to feel tired,  I expected it to hurt. It actually felt amazing. I mean seriously it was like I was a new person.

I’ve talked a bit about how the start to my new job has been tricky. I have a lot to learn and there were a number of teething issues plus I underestimated how rusty I was at talking to people. I’ve spent 3 years with minimal contact day to day with people of my own age, I’ve never been great in groups anyway but I’ve found it difficult if I’m honest. I’m not sure how to behave and I’ve found myself choosing to be alone for periods of time to kind of decompress. Anyway, a lot of the niggles got sorted out on Monday which made my life a whole lot more secure and our long term plans secure too. We are still working on things in the present but pretty much stuff is fun and rosy now.

So Monday, after work was done, I hit the gym.

 Yep that black clad person is me. So last time I went to the gym I was in the middle of a lot of stress and I wasn’t feeling it. I got less than half the way through the C25K, had a lack lustre weights workout and went home having barely broken a sweat. Monday was not that day, it was like a switch went in my head and all of a sudden I was able to do it and put my all in. I was happy.

So I started by completing the second run of week two of the C25K, without any skipping or slowing down any of the sections.

Running is hard for me. I usually struggle to do much after a nearly 22 minute run/walk but I felt really good by the time I finished. I was sweating and it was warm in there, but I felt strong still. I was looking forward to getting to my weights workout.

Now my weights bit is usually my favourite part of my workout but I’ve started a new stage of the NROLFW and I’m not as confident as I was with the last routine so it was a bit more stilted than I wanted it to be, plus I had to wait for weights a few times which is always frustrating but it’s a busy weights gym. So the weights workout and my heart looked like this:

Squat and Push = 20kg bar 2 x 10

Step Ups = 10kg Dumbells 2×10
Bent Over Rows = 7.5kg 2 x 10

Static Lunge = 10kg weight 2×10
Push Ups = Knees 2×10

After the main section of the workout you end up with two more things to do, one of them is a plank. Now I need to tell you something, my son was born via the sunroof. Yep, C Section hell. They cut me up in a hurry too and I have a complete lack of core strength as a result. The years of sitting on my ass with joints that are hyper flexible really didn’t help either.

So it says if you can’t do a full minute in one go then you need to break it down, do as long as you can, rest for double the time you managed then go again. Now I have no hope right now of managing a full minute so I broke it down as instructed. You needed to do 2 sets of one minute plank.

First round, I didn’t quite make it to the full minute even breaking it down.

Second round was better though

Then it was on to the wood chops, I managed to pull 20 kg for both sets of 10 :) Quite pleased with that really. It’s a good foundation to build on and I left the workout feeling really great about it.

As I was still feeling amazing I decided to take it a last step and do a bike workout. Obviously I’m trying to catch up with my Get Fit Feel Epic challenge ! So I did a hill climb  bike workout. My legs hurt the next day. 3 miles all up hill.

This is the other thing that while the triathlon feels a million miles away, time will pass whether I train or not. Plus. It’s weigh in today. Will let you know how it goes.

7 thoughts on “Back in the Game!

  1. I’m right there with you with the running, though as I finished Week 5 this week, I have to reiterate what others who completed the program told me – stick with it. Somehow it works. It’s definitely my mind protesting louder than my body.

    I can relate to the lack of core strength. My two abdominal surgeries for my fibroids has left me completely cut up … but you did great. Keep working at it!! :)

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