Paleo Primal Sweet Potato Ice Cream – NO SUGAR!

That’s right, you read it correctly, a primal paleo ice cream made with sweet potatoes which has exactly 0 sugar in it and still tastes great. I got the recipe from PaleOMG which is one of the funniest and bestest Paleo websites, I really hope she doesn’t mind me sharing my version of her great recipe…

Amazeballs right? I’ve done a couple of different ice cream recipes over recent times, it truly is my favourite treat, so if I can find some way to not sugar bomb my body whilst eating the lush stuff then I’m all for it. The other ones I’ve tried are coconut milk ones and banana ones. This one is totally different to them but no less tasty.

So to get the recipe just take a look at her website right here. I made a few alterations to her plan, first I added some peacans to the mix, yep I love them. Second I read the comments and saw that 2 egg yolks (whisked) can improve the texture and taste so I added those during the pureeing stage. Lastly I added the nuts to the actual ice cream rather than just chucking them on top.

Here are my pics from the process.



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