Stage 2 & Work

So I’ve gone back to work! It’s hectic and crazy and I’m learning a tonne of new things right now but I have to give it my all and so far I love it but I’m aware the real work hasn’t started yet! So having had a shorter day today I decided to head out to the gym. My gym is around 15 minutes walk from my base and so I pottered down there and got going! I really wasn’t in the mood, genuinely I am exhausted but I needed to get back to it, my schedule had been packed Monday and Tuesday so got out there and did it. The weather has been amazing here by the way, cold but sunny.


I started off by completing Week 2 Run 1 of the C25k which I’m aiming to get to week 4 of for the Get Fit Feel Epic challenge. I’ll admit it I found it hard, I slowed down a bit for the last couple of intervals but I completed them all and I was pretty pleased. I sweat my butt off though and it was yet another reminder of how much my cardio work has been neglected. I resolved about half way through to ensure that I make my cardio sessions as much as a priority as my lifting sessions.

I knew because I hadn’t been to the gym  in a few days that I wanted to get started with Stage 2 of the NROLFW. It’s been a while since I did my final workout so I was keen to get going and OMG I struggled with it! It’s totally new but I was aware of how to do the moves and such and I ended up in a busy gym and having to wait for equipment (for the first time ever!) and I just gave up in the end.


So I’m not counting it as a workout, just a practice run ! It was really really hard! A whole new set of muscles being used and  I can’t wait to get properly in to it, hopefully I can get some more work done tomorrow!

Here’s my heart rate monitors output through the session. Yes I only lasted 40 minutes! It was hot in there, I was tired #excuses. Tomorrow I will do better. Cardio day.


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