September Happiness!

So it’s nearly the end of September and I’ve started to look at reviewing my September goals. I have to say when I sat down to think about these goals and my happiness I realised although there is a lot of stress right now I’m actually happy. I’ve talked a lot recently about my struggles, I hate it, I hate talking about being stressed beyond all coping mechanisms, I hate talking about misery but I’m always honest. I’m struggling to keep my head above water, there is so much tension in my life but underneath it all I’m not unhappy. Not when I really examine it.

So I set some goals at the beginning of September, and I want to review them. I have to say I didn’t really keep them at the forefront of my mind this month, I got lost in the hustle of September.

Join A Club

Fail. Well kind of.. I’ve joined a diet club, in order to help get my food back on track, but that wasn’t what I was hoping for. I wanted to ensure that I prioritised a sport, sadly I didn’t get it done. I want to though and I still will.

Write Fiction

This one I did start! Hooray. I have 2 ideas that I’m fleshing out and I started to write some stuff too. I’m really excited by it but I just am overwhelmed by time right now. I want to write, I think I need to do something creative but I have to organise myself better.

Say Yes

I’ve done better at this but there hasn’t been a lot of opportunity! I like saying yes and I like being able to.

I’m going to say it’s been an ok month but I didn’t think much about my happiness and that shows really. I need to think more about happiness because if you aren’t happy you largely aren’t productive. Onwards to October! 

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