Recipe: My Paleo Naked Balls

Not sniggering over Naked balls. Nope. I am so pleased with my version of Date and Nut balls ! So Ffion over at Chocolate and Raspberries is always finding the most beautiful of foods and she is a proper foodie magician to boot, I drool at the things she posts on her blog. It’s one thing I’m not great at here is sharing recipes and that’s cause I’m not the main chef in this house. The Man does the majority of the cooking but I’m hoping to showcase a bit more of his work.

Anyway a while back she made some Date and Nut Balls which looked so delicious I starred them in Reader at the time and then in typical Becks action I just forgot all about them. I’ve thought of them a couple of times since and then as I have to  try new recipes for my Get Fit Feel Epic Challenge I thought I would give them a go. The Man is trying to up his calories so they are a handy snack for him and we are always looking for handy snacks for The Boy as well.   He loves Nak’d bars but I don’t love the price tag for a 5 second snack so they seemed like a great alternative to buying them.


I made a few adjustments to Ffions recipe, I used Walnuts and Pecans as the nuts because they are mine and the family favourites, I also added some dissected coconut to the roll in later ones I made too as the boy loves it. I added a scoop of vanilla protein powder to give it a little protein boost. I also added about a tablespoon of almond milk to help out my processor a little (actual smoke came out!). Some of the flavours we tried were cherry (in with the balls), coconut around the outside, saltanas, lemon and lime rind and brazil nuts.

So to make them is super super easy and you can get this recipe all over the web but I think the best place to get it from Ffion so check out how she made it here.

Here’s my photos from making them, you can pretty much see the steps there!

5 thoughts on “Recipe: My Paleo Naked Balls

  1. Oh I so need to do this, I love Nakd bars (or, naked bears as they’re called in this house for unnecessary reasons!). Sometimes Oscar won’t eat and I know I can get one in him, for nutrition, but lawks, the cost!

    Must buy stuff and make yum!

  2. Glad you liked them! I made some on Tuesday evening, but I wasn’t paying enough attention so didn’t add enough dates, and no raisins! I’ve been meaning to try them with protein powder, I’ll do that after my paleo challenge is over! I did add some coconut butter to mine which was a great idea. Stocked up on nuts today, so Im going to make more soon, although I broke my blender yesterday, so I might have to invest in one this weekend! Going to add some nut butter next time too!

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