Get Fit Feel Epic Week Two!

Wow a whole week has passed already and what  a week! It’s been a challenging week for me for a number of reasons (you can read about them here and here if you like). The other thing, which hasn’t been mentioned before, is that I had a bit of a medical issue. First of all mother natures monthly gift went AWOL completely, this never happens when I’m not using preventative contraception (when I had the implant no periods at all *bliss*).

Then I started feeling a bit unwell, and then the symptoms for a water infection came along so I nipped in to see the practice nurse who dipped and said no signs of pregnancy or infection. So completely stumped I went away (while they sent my stuff away for more testing). That very night I woke at 3am feeling so sick and with back ache which gradually got worse when at 4.30am I called the doctor. He tested again and BAM kidney infection. Joy. No working out till after the weekend at least and horrible horrible antibiotics. (and mother nature turned up at the same time for the party). So yeah, not feeling great and am an eating machine. Just a note for those spamming the link up, I’m watching you and deleting you.

So I set everyone a challenge this week to do something to make themselves feel fabulous, so before I got ill I did a little online shopping and I treated myself to a few things first was the Gleesons Gym total body boxing workout for women. I saw PlumPetals mention this and I did a little research and it looks totally awesome and completely up my avenue!

Then I started thinking about the fact that Autumn has very much made herself at home in the UK right now, it’s chilly but we’ve had a bit of sun, but the rain is approaching and the hard winter weather won’t be far behind it so a pair of tough boots are needed so I went for a total bargain as I’m a girl on budget and bought these nifty tough little boots, great with jeans, skirts and thick tights, everything.

The last thing I did is splash on some new underwear, I have dropped 4 chest sizes and 2 cup sizes, plus 4 bottoms sizes since the beginning of my journey but have rarely been able to invest in new undies so I bought some beautiful sets and some new knickers from the lovely M&S, I’m told when I wear it I’ll look like the model in the picture, that’s right isn’t it ?

So last week I set myself 5 goals and I’m going to have a little look at how I’ve done on those this week….

Weigh Less at the end of the challenge than I do at the moment. 

Started at 234.7 and lowest weight this week was at 232.4 so starting off well on that one, I’m usually ok at the start though, it’s following through with that and being consistent that is my challenge, so not ringing bells right now but happy with my start. I logged all my food in to MFP yesterday and it said “if everyday was like today you’d weigh 219 in 5 weeks”. That’s more I can dream of really, my next target is 229 so it would be a dream come true to smash through to the target *after* my next target. I am keeping something else in mind though ….

Ride a bike 16 times before the end of the challenge

Made good progress here too, went out on a bike ride with the family last week which was really lovely, I’m lucky to have a big choice of cycle trails around where we live, we have a lot of coastline and countryside within easy reach so we’ve made the most of it in the late summer sun, you can read more about it in my biking is ace post but here is one of the many beautiful views we saw.


Didn’t manage any other rides this week because of my stupid kidneys.

Complete at least 4 weeks of the C25k programme

I’ve got off to a reasonable start, these are my graphs from the runs, the first one I forgot to switch my watch off while I was setting up my weights!


I’m really not sure if this goal is going to stay the course, I’m starting to really resent running and the injuries it does to me but I will probably stick it out for the challenge and then stop.

Complete Stage 2 of the NROLFW

I know this one will be a challenge. When I set this goal I still had 4 workouts of stage one, but like I said when I set it, lifting is probably my favourite part of my workout.

I hit some personal bests this week, including squatting 3×10 45kg, 3 x 10 40kg seated rows, and 3×8 50kg deadlifts, and 3×8 25kg lunges (per leg) which was my biggest lifts so far, my push ups are getting much stronger as well I’m considering attempting some full push ups! I’ll let you know. The man tried my seated rows and lat pulldowns and said even he found them challenging which is great!  I totally want to get this t shirt for my man.

Learn 8 new recipes and blog them.

I’ve been meaning to try some recipes so this is a great goal for me, at the weekend I made a tonne of what I’m calling Nak’d Balls. Yep. Naked Balls. Named after Nak’d bars which are scrummy, I’m making my own inspired by another blogger. Check out the post about my Nak’d Balls here. And try them and tell me your flavour combos!


So can’t wait to see how your first week has gone, link up below and say hi to the participants! 

8 thoughts on “Get Fit Feel Epic Week Two!

  1. LOL – fabulous t-shirt! You had a solid week, especially considering your kidney infection. I’ve BTDT – at one point I had so many bladder/kidney infections I’d walk into the office and tell them what type of antibiotic I needed!

    Keep it up, Becks, you’re doing great. :)

  2. A kidney infection oh no! Get well soon. I hope it doesn’t affect your goals too much.

    I had a series of urine infections a few years back, they were so painful and not nice. So I really hope you feel well soon.

    You’re doing fab.

    Breaking down your weight loss goals into bite size chunks is a good idea rather than looking at the end target. I take my weight loss in half a stone (7lb) chunks.

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