Get Fit Feel Epic Week 3!

I’m amazed at how quick this is going and I’m loving the challenge too ! This week has been about getting your goals to the forefront of your mind, we all have busy lives and so time is precious and it’s easy to get distracted.

 So the first thing we always do is review our goals, and so that’s where I’m going to start.

Weigh Less At The End of the Challenge

Well I’m still below my starting weight but I’ve not lost weight this week from last week, my diet has been all over the place while I have been ill.  I’ve not been able to work out since Monday which is really frustrating but it’s a nice time for a rest. I just finished stage 1 of the NROLFW and am starting on new things. Hopefully I’ll be back to full blast after the weekend and get some more lbs off. This morning I was at 231.8. So lighter than last week which is all I ask. I’ve been here before though and it’s gone up again…

Ride my bike 16 times before the end of the challenge & Complete 4 weeks of the C25K

Still only at a count of 1. Yep. Being floored by several different illnesses unrelated to each other and each as suckky as the next is a challenge, getting on my bike & running was not in my mind at all.

However I did get out and do a 5 k on Sunday. I started to feel better, my cousin roped me in to it and I felt good for doing it. That counts for 2 of the C25K workouts so that pushes me on to week 2.

Complete Stage 2 of the New Rules Of Lifting For Women

I feel like I actually made some progress this week despite being laid up. I finished the first Stage on Monday and I’m really pleased with the results I’ve got from round one and I’m raring to get to stage two. If you want to see my full recap of Stage One you can have a look at the post about it, but here are some of the comparison pictures.

 Learn 8 new recipes and blog them

Recipe number two went up this week too, I’ve very pleased about this one it’s really gorgeous and totally tasty. Stuffed Courgettes. Totally healthy, you can change the veggies you put in you can make it yours but the idea is sound, really filling and healthy. The man physically made this but I photographed it and stuff.

On Friday I also blogged about my new little delight at home, I’m not a great water drinker so I like a little flavour and having a natural drink alternative is great. So I’ve been making my own flavoured water you can take a look at the post here if you like.

The other part of this challenge was too get your goals up in front of you, to display them and find a way to get them to work for you as a measure and motivator. You know how much I love post it’s, so I’ve set up a goal centre in my bedroom! It’s the first and last thing I’ll see (sort of! usually I see a little boy very close to my face first thing in the am).

I’ve calendared the rest of the year in post it’s and since the start of the challenge I’ve been writing my weigh in on the post its to make sure that I have it at the front of my mind.

See it fluctuates a lot…

So here are my goals, every time I make progress I remove one of the stickers so I’m left with the final one! So this is how I started…

This is the progress made already…

Can’t wait to see how you guys have approached the challenge!

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