Get Fit Feel EPIC

It’s the end of week 3 already! Hows your week been? Can’t wait to hear about it.

So first of all I review my goals….

Weigh Less At The End of the Challenge

This week I have probably undone most of the work I had put in to date. It’s been an incredibly stressful week with yet more illness to contend with and some difficult family situations. Plus I went back to work! It started well but went downhill as I began to feel unwell. I’m back to it today and feeling strong and good, I’ve not weighed myself yet and I don’t plan to for a couple of days until the salt and water bloat goes down.

I will blog about it more it tomorrow but I’m giving myself some direction.

Ride my bike 16 times before the end of the challenge & Complete 4 weeks of the C25K

I did complete a run. Week 2 Run 1 of the C25K done! I’ve also signed up for a brilliant race that I’m going to do with some friends.

Complete Stage 2 of the New Rules Of Lifting For Women

I managed to do the first workout of stage 2 this week and it killed me! It’s totally different to the last two rounds that I was so comfortable with I’m going to do the first workout again and count it as the first run, making sure I do all the moves properly. It’s going to take some dedication to finish the end of the stage 2 by the end of the challenge.

Learn 8 new recipes and blog them

I blogged the no sugar ice cream!


Can’t wait to see how you guys have approached the challenge! 

This weeks challenge was a beginners crossfit challenge, it’s a tough one I really hope you all gave it a shot! My times were…

Round 1 – 2.30
Round 2 – 3.00
Round 3 – 2.10

I’m really proud of it. I was super careful to get my form completely correct, get my squats down to 90 degrees, chest close to the floor for push ups, and those Burpees had a clear jump at all points that it needed one.

This weeks challenge is to do something new so get out there and explore!

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  1. Stage 2 definitely takes some getting used to, but it’ll all fall into place. Just be patient with the program. Hope things settle down for you in terms of illnesses plus getting used to your work schedule etc. So proud of you for signing up for the race. You’ll do great :)

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