Flavoured Water

So I was procrastinating spending some down time on Pinterest and I stumbled across some posts for flavoured water and I started thinking about what a great idea it was. Homemade, non carbonated flavoured water which makes the transition from Diet Coke to Water more bearable can only be good. So I’ve been experimenting, I thought I would share a few combinations with you!

Spiced Apple


The Spiced Apple is apples cut in to thin slices and popped in the water with some ice. Our container takes about a litre and a half of water, two apples chopped up and 3 cinnamon sticks. I left it soaked overnight. The flavour was subtle but really nice, it smelled a bit like those purfumes you make out of flowers as a kid but it tasted more like cider. Win.

Rose Watermelon 


The Rose Melon is another really simple one too, hollow out a watermelon and de seed it roughly, obviously you’ll spot any that end up in your drink and I didn’t worry too much. I added 3 sprigs of Rosemary from our garden in with it. It smelt really great and the flavour was really subtle. I liked the mix, it’s quite a sweet one too.

Raspberry Lime


The Raspberry Lime is probably my favourite of all the flavours. So refreshing as well as tasty. I love citrus things anyway. Just chop a couple of limes in to quarters, squeeze the juice out of them and chuck the remains in to the water. Add a punnet of raspberries (around 250g).

I also tried a few other flavours but by far the best of the non photographed ones was Blackberry and Sage. Seriously delicious.

So go try them out! If you like the look of it the water butt is from Jamie Olivers range here.

3 thoughts on “Flavoured Water

  1. Oh wow! These sound and look delicious. I love squeezing lime into water but I love the idea of chucking in raspberries. I may have to try this. I like water. I’ll happily drink water but sometimes I want something that will quench my thirst but has a little flavour. I bought some 100% pressed orange juice today for a dose of vit c and for something a little more flavoursome. I was really happy to find you can get juices with no added sugars that aren’t made from concentrate.

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