Cycling is ACE! Family day at the Camel Trail


So last weekend we took a ride down to the Camel Trail in Cornwall, I got my trusty steed out, the boys took theirs and we hit the trail at Wadebridge and cycled all the way down to Padstow. It actually was only about 5 miles each way (it’s not circular) but it was enough for the little legs to manage and we didn’t get there till lunchtime so it was great.

It’s a really beautiful, and mostly flat, ride which is great for boys and girls who love the great outdoors, there are a few snack trikes along the way too for the all important refuel (or hot drink in the British summer!). It was pretty full at the weekend, it was the last weekend for tourists and Cornwall is packed this year with people choosing not to go abroad. Anyway, thankfully there were minimal idiots mostly just people not properly supervising older kids, or abandoning their bikes in the middle of the trail *rolls eyes*

I thought I would share some pictures from the day …


Not bad huh? The sea, nature and a happy boy bouncing around when we stopped. We were all very excited to see the Padstow sign!


I wore my heart rate monitor for the trip too so managed to support a decent heart rate, plus Runkeeper mapped our cycle.


So it’s not as flat as I thought it was but the hills are not huge they are gentle inclines or short ones so not too bad at all. I really really enjoyed getting out and the hours drive down to the starting point I managed to get through a good few conversations with the man that were good and productive. So it may not have been the fastest ride, or the most miles, but I loved it so much, perfect family time burning some calories (and eating them afterwards in Cornish Ice Cream).

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