Cardio Vs Weights

Well since I’ve been lifting cardio workouts have been slim, I’ve been generally doing both workouts together, some cardio then weights, I know this is backwards, you should do weights first but if I do I have nothing left in me for cardio! So I’ve noticed that really I’ve only been doing 15 minutes of cardio per session and 45-60 minutes of lifting. Whoops. As much as I’m not keen on cardio it probably is needed to lose weight effectively and shift some more tubby.

I used to think I loved running but I’m so so tired of injuring myself again and again, I’m going to stick with it through the Get Fit Feel Epic challenge but I’ve decided that running is something I’m not going to force it, I’m not a runner right now and maybe I need to accept that I need to lose some more weight before my frame is going to handle running well.

So I think that it’s time I started to accept that there are other things in life than being part of the running crew. I’ve certainly found a love of boxing and functional movement, I love the challenge of jumps and lifts and push ups, I wish I could afford crossfit but sadly there is just no way but it looks totally the kind of workout I want. I’ve really increased how much I love boxing recently, I’m starting to investigate boxing clubs or at least more physical activity in a group setting, obviously I’ll keep you posted!

I guess its not your conventional blogger cardio but boxing can be a massively great form of Cardio. I’ve picked up The Gleesons Gym Total Body Boxing Workout for Women and it looks like it is going to provide me with a suitable workout from start to finish! It looks great, it teaches drills, punching and general technique as well as being a full body workout. It gives you a programme to follow once you’ve sorted out the basics, and it looks tough, I honestly feel like it’s going to be a massive challenge and I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be doing plenty of biking too. I need a new challenge and it looks like a great one to me.

The workouts are made up of cardio, largely skipping and body weight bearing exercise with specific boxing moves. There look to be some pretty challenging things in there too,

So I’m going to start alternating my cardio and lifting daily, means I can work my hardest at both sides of the workout and hopefully see some results. I’ve been so happy with the NROLFW results so far and I’m hoping to see more change over the next stage. 8 workouts to go until I can see any changes again!

Inspire me, what’s your cardio of choice? Do you lift? If you don’t why not!? 

8 thoughts on “Cardio Vs Weights

  1. I’m a total weight lifting addict now!! Can’t imagine not doing it, and I definitely prefer it to cardio. However, I also love boxing – big time. It’s by far my favorite form of cardio.

    I can totally relate to the difficulty getting cardio in — but it is important. Even if you’re not running, walking is just as good – maybe at an incline to make it more challenging.

    Gleason’s totally gets you straight into skipping (also a major focus of CrossFit).

    I love how our interests and workouts are so similar!! :)

  2. I’ve been doing kettlebell workouts since the beginning of August, which have been great and I’m starting to see a difference in my body – but I’ve recently decided to add cardio in too, just because I have a lot of fat to lose and surely it can only help!

    I’d really like to get back into running too (I decided to stop earlier this year) because while I loved doing it, I just don’t think it’s doing my body any favours running about at 200lbs. I think I’ll tentatively start up again once I get under 190. It sucks though, because autumn is the loveliest time to run, but I’m just not ready. Ah well!

  3. I’ve always enjoyed boxing type classes – circuit based ones or just as part of a boot camp. It’s a great cardio exercise!

    I’m with you on the running. I kept getting sore ‘bits’ – hip, knee etc. I decided perhaps I was too heavy to run at the moment and given my previous hip injuries I’ll stick to other cardio like my dancing etc.


  4. I’m so the opposite! I love my cardio – love, love, love. Swimming and running? Oh yes, please! Lifting???? Do I have to? Sigh… But I’m trying. Bruce got me started on P90X, I’ll be blogging about it as I go, I don’t love it, not at all, but I know it will make me a better athlete.

    Good for you for finding something you love.

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