British Heart Foundation 5k At Saltram House, Plymouth

Hello *waves* on Sunday I did the first workout in some time after being laid up with various lady ailments! My lovely cousin Debbie (she’s the boys lovely god parent) posted she was looking for someone to run her first 5k with her. She took up running a few weeks ago and wanted to give it a go, she’s pretty damn fit so I knew she would do great and I ended up slowing her down! Go Debs!

It was an early start as we needed to be at the race location for 9.30 am to register and warm up before the race began at 10.30. I woke up pretty excited to get going, this is the last 5k and race of the year. I wanted to just do it and enjoy it. I was worried though, it was at the end of a couple of weeks of weak training due to the various medical issues I’ve been dealing with quietly moaning about, I got a banana down me and set off.

Saltram is a public park and private mansion (which you can go inside if you are a member of the National Trust), it’s got loads of sea views, woodland, and some big hills. I’ll get to them later though. It was a race run by the British Heart Foundation so we signed up and paid our registration fee surrounded by lovely volunteers in their red shirts, and a man in a giant heart outfit.

We found the bathrooms, essential starting point, which were by a massive duck pond, so we took the opportunity for some pre race pictures by the duck pond and a little warm up.

We set off after a brief warm up and a little chat with the organisers we set off. UP HILL. Yep. The first leg of the damn course was up a mega steep hill which the majority of people needed to walk on so I didn’t feel bad when I needed to half way up. I realised I wasn’t on full form when I got to the top and was a little dizzy too. It wasn’t till the top of it that I remembered to start my watch! Debs was a love as always and could have run on but decided to stick with me around the course. Now unless you have severe sight impairment you might have spotted that the lovely debs is in good shape. She teaches Dance (as well as full time regular teaching in a school for Autistic children) and can list trampolining as a sport she’s in to. She may be new to running but she’s pretty fit and I’m pretty proud of her.

This guy, in the very hot suit ran pretty much with us for most of the course, I was super impressed with him (guessing it’s a him anyway, he’s got man legs), he was totally awesome and he soaked Debs at one point which was completely hysterical. For me anyway. The last 100 meters the boy joined us too. Debs revenge came in the finishing pictures, while she looks professional I look, well, not. LOL.

We walked and ran the course, it was really very hilly and I hate hills! Nike did the mapping for me so I don’t have to.

The blue line there is the elevation, you can see I started it at the top of a hill, then it’s gentle ups and downs which felt anything but gentle! You can see from our pace (green line) that we ran intervals, and that I forgot to turn off my watch at the end of the race. So what I missed off the beginning of the race I stood still for at the end! Both completely accidental but I think it’s a pretty accurate balance.

I should mention that this pretty inspirational guy was running in the same race today too. After we finished, collected our medals and handed over our numbers – we had to :( – we celebrated! We hit the podium and the kid hit the fair!

We had such a good morning running about although I have to admit I found it really hard. Not training cardio wise for the last few weeks has really taken it’s toll and although I love lifting I’m going to have to grin and bear it through. Alternating cardio days with lifting days seems the best option and I am going to start from tomorrow I think. I am obviously going to start with lifting 😉 but my cardiovascular fitness needs to improve, a girl can not run on 15 minutes of cardio alone.

Just a quick note but my fundraising is just £104 from my £600 target, if anyone has a teeny tiny penny they fancy throwing to some amazing Leukaemia charities then please do through my giving page which means your details are totally safe while you do a wonderful thing. In order to raise those last pennies too I thought I would maybe do a winter wonderland virtual race like Energise Easter? If I could get some prizes together would anyone be in? You gets a medal!

 What did you do last weekend? 

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