Bargain Hunting with Groupon!

A little while ago discount moguls Groupon got in touch with me to see if I wanted to try one of their fitness products, I thought about it and of course jumped on the offer, thanks very much Groupon!

So I shopped around a bit and settled on a Slendertone belt. Now I know what you are thinking, Slendertone belts are a bit of a throwback to the 90’s and why would I do that when I go to the gym and what not. Well. Stick with me.

There has actually been a considerable amount of research and studies done and changes to the belt made and we are left with something totally new.

So what does it feel like? I love this video that they made as it totally expresses my expirience of using it for the first time

So I got a total bargain from Groupon and you can totally do it too. It’s not just for experiences and spa days you can get some super useful stuff from there. I keep an eye on their wellness area as it’s got tonnes of good stuff for keeping you well including gym passes, fitness equipment and all kinds of useful things.

Go take a look and see what you can get in  your area. If you are not in the UK Groupon has a local site for you more than likely have a search of Groupon *your town*.

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