What is in your gym bag?

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I’ve wanted to write about this for a while but I’m strangely fascinated by what is in peoples gym bags. Don’t judge me I’m nosey as hell! What I don’t want it to come off as a goodness look at what I’ve got post, I’ve been very lucky, been given gifts, won prizes and saved my ass off to get some of the things listed in this post and I wanted to share with you in the hope that you’ll share with me!

So I thought I would share mine, in hope that you might share yours! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing what equipment I work with at home! I’m building quite the collection of things at the moment! This stuff is stuff that lives in my gym bag and I thought I would share with you my go to gadgets and gear and why!

So the first thing you can see, is my bag! Cuteness no? It’s a paperchase weekend bag which is just about big enough for the gym without being too bulky. Plus I think it’s cute.


Then there is the emergency stash of stuff that’s just useful, Umbrella for tackling the British Summer, tissues for any tissue emergency, membership card, glasses wipes, hayfever treatment and a spare glasses box as I always forget mine!


Another essential bit of kit is a locker coin! I LOVE this locker coin as I never have change on me which can mean leaving my stuff unattended and insecure. Don’t look at my banged up hands ! Recent stress has led to eczema break out, hopefully the sun will sort it out!


 So the “just in case” essentials dealt with I’ll move on to the other bits and bobs knocking around in there…one of most favourite things since my polar died a death I’ve fully embraced my lovely pretty Nike GPS watch.


So the watch works with the Polar heart rate monitor strap and the Nike + Shoe Pod, so you can use it with all three or just one of those options. My shoe pod lives in my shoes, I strap on my HRM for every work out so that I get an accurate idea of how it works. I need to write a review of the whole system really because it’s completely ace. While I talk about shoes here are my current pavement pounders…Nike Lunarglides in the most lovely blue :)


Now when I’m using the watch as a heart rate monitor I’m generally using it to monitor my heart rate zone while I’m lifting weights. Now I’m further in to the NROLFW the workouts are taking around 45 minutes and it’s great to see me keeping my heart rate up during those periods of time and the calories burnt usually match my cardio. My memory is no where near good enough to remember the routines for weight lifting so I made myself little cheat sheets with the routine on and I clipped them together with a carabina and my gloves slot on there nicely too.


Now we all know that music in the gym can push you that bit further, my workout tends to be quite varied with a fair bit of moving around the gym so I keep my tunes simple. Ipod suffle, and ear buds. If I’m planning on running a fair bit I’ll wear the over the ears ear buds otherwise the good old fashioned ipod ones will do.


That little silver bullet? That would be my in water tunes! Yep. Seriously. I have so many gadgets I’m maybe a little embarrassed! A little. Maybe. I’m a savvy gadget shopper though. The Ipod shuffle? Refurbished by apple and bought on ebay from this store and although the delivery cost is high I have a perfect ipod so cheapy cheap. The swim MP3 was amazon but again not an over the top price and it saves me from an amazing amount of boredom going backwards and forwards. My in pool wizardry is pretty simple, although I probably need to add a nifty swim cap to the collection I haven’t yet.


Yes, your eyes do not deceive you you do see another watch in those pictures. That there is my Swimovate Poolmate. It’s new to the collection and is a great gadget if you are as forgetful as me! It counts laps, calories burned, how many strokes per lap, distance swum and tells you how long you’ve taken to do it.

Last but not least, whats in there for after the sweating has finished?


Deodorant (whatever is on offer), my fav body spray Dirty Works, and a little pink wet bag from Dirty Works too, and in the tin is Lush cosmetics solid shampoo (such a space saver!). That is all topped off with one of my fav inventions, a microfibre towel. Ok so it doesn’t do much for modesty but it’s so small and super absorbent, it’s from Kelly Holmes at Tesco!

I think my gym bag completely reflects my fitness personality, I’m a gadget girl, I love data and I love to know what I’ve achieved in my workout definitively. I’m rubbish at judging it on sweat !

Show me your gym bag and your fitness personality!  Comment and link below :) 

3 thoughts on “What is in your gym bag?

  1. I’ve signed up for get fit, feel epic 😀

    I love this post. I’m a nosey parker as well.

    I LOVE your trainers. Gorgeous colour. And your gym bag is super cute.

    You really are gadget queen.

    I don’t go to the gym very often anymore because I can’t afford it but I have a bright purple gym bag. But if I do go I have phone, ipod, a brolly probably like you because it’s England, gym clothes or cnormal clothes depending what I travel in, shoes, trainers, clean underwear – though I often forget a clean bra if I go in my sports gear lol, water bottle, toiletries, hair stuff, straightners, make-up, water bottle, keys to get back in the house, purse. Nothing that exciting really. Your gym bag is much more exciting than mine.

  2. I am still on a hunt for the perfect gym bag. I have a backback for swimming with towels, showering stuff, flip-flops, swimming glasses and I actually do own a swim cap. My hair is not short enough to pull back in a pony tail, and I kept getting it in my eyes – or more in front of my glasses. I also have disposable contacts in that bag, because I literally can’t see clearly further than my navel without my glasses.

    My “normal” gym bag is a little different. I feel like it can’t be big enough. But a pair of running shoes and a pair of spinning shoes do take up a lot of room. I am constantly playing tetris with my stuff

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