She Wee Review….

So you know, the lovely people at We Fit In sent me this product to test out because they are fabulous, they didn’t tell me I have to be nice and they won’t take their ball home if I’m not, what they do do though is give you 10% off in their shop with the code Weight Wars. How nice is that? 

So I’m about to go travelling to London right now to head out on my holidays and I have packed one new item in my bag which I never understood the genius of until now. The She Wee. Yes you heard right and believe me when I first heard about them I raised an eyebrow and forgot about them fairly quickly, that was some years ago, before the changes in my life which have led me to lead a more outdoors lifestyle.

So girls, outside is great right? But what happens when you are caught short? There is no ladylike way to deal with things is there? What if you are out in a luminous jacket? Hiding behind a bush not so easy!

So in come the she wee which allows you to discreetly relieve yourself standing up. Now I hate public toilets, I would rather hold in agony than use one. This allows me the freedom not to touch anything icky. Bonus. I’ve surprised myself big time and I really think it’s great!

You can get a She Wee from We Fit In for the bargain price of £7.50 and you can get a bag and accessories to go with it too :) Their blurb says

We Fit In LOVES SheWee and now you can SheWee in colour! This Bright Pink SheWee allows you to wee whilst standing up. Great for camping, walking, skiing, climbing, traffic jams, travelling, unhygienic public toilets ……. or when out running in the middle of January wearing a bright pink highly visible running top with no foliage to hide behind. No more uncomfortable squatting or bare bottoms! Urine is sterile as it leaves the body- so you don?t have to clean your Shewee after every use. However, Shewee can be cleaned by machine or hand and withstands temperatures of up to 120?C. We recommend practising in the loo first – we also found that it’s easier to practice fully clothed.

So packed in my car right now is this very handy gadget, on the journey up and in Spain I know it’s going to be useful! I urge you to overcome your initial weird and natural reaction to the idea and think about bare bottoms near cold grass and dribbles in your socks!

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