Want to Succeed? Set SMART goals!

I’ve talked about setting SMART goals before but obviously with the new challenge I’ve asked you to get involved with (for the chance to win a fabulous prize) it’s good to recap making SMART goals as to join in the challenge you are going to have to set 5 of them for yourself. Your goals can be anything you like, they don’t all have to be fitness related but I would hope that some are.


So that’s smart for you. Lets just look at how they can make you achieve your goals.


It’s lovely to say things like “I’m going to go to the gym more” it’s a very honourable goal but how will you know at the end of 8 weeks whether or not you’ve achieved it? “Lose Weight” might seem specific but how much weight? what %? If someone could ask you a question about your goal to “clarify” it it’s not specific enough.


So how will you know when you’ve achieved your goal? How will anyone else? Make sure you can measure your success whether you achieve or partially achieve your goal. If you set the goal to go to the gym more it’s difficult to measure it accurately, where as if you say I’m going to the gym 5 times a week and you manage 4 times a week you can accurately measure your success.


Now I have a habit of setting wildly unachievable goals for myself, they can be motivating over a long term, but in a short term challenge? They will demotivate you as the deadline approaches. The Get Fit Feel Epic challenge is 8 weeks. What can you do in 8 weeks? Think about your time and what demands you will have on you during that specific challenge. Make it so they are going to challenge you and be achievable. As much as I’d like to half my body weight in 8 weeks it’s not going to happen, despite ad’s telling  me otherwise.


Are your goals relevant? This challenge is about getting fit, ok not all fitness comes from exercise, health is a wider thing but make your goals relevant to you and your life. I’m not going to set a goal saying I’m going to do extreme sports, you just can’t here lol. It’s not part of my life and it’s not something I’m currently aspiring too.

Time Bound

You have 8 weeks, you can’t change that but individual goals within the challenge can be negotiable. If you want some of your goals done by the half way point you can set it however you want.

When you set your goals think What, How Much, How, Why and By When.

For example:

I will swim at least 16 times by the end of the challenge by managing my time and ensuring I sleep enough, because I want to improve my swimming time and stamina in the pool. 

That is a goal which I can measure over the period of the challenge carefully and celebrate my wins! It might not seem like a lot but it will be as I’m starting a new job with considerable pressures during that time so twice a week for the time consuming process of a swim workout

 Get thinking about your goals you’ll set at the beginning of September, I can’t wait to read them all! 

Don’t forget if you want to join in you need to sign up here, it’s a 2 minute form so I can contact you all! 

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8 thoughts on “Want to Succeed? Set SMART goals!

  1. Hey, I have just started reading your blog, absolutely fantastic! I’ve recently lost 8 stone with slimming world but I’m stuck and need to lose another 4 stone! Your blog can be my inspiration x

  2. Am gonna have to think about this though am keen to participate. Some of my goals will be non-fitness / weightloss related as I possibly need to make some career-type decisions soon etc.


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