London & Home Again

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Well when we got back from Spain we decided to spend a night in London to stagger the journey as we are approx 5 hours from London. Thankfully my very lovely and fabulous sister in law lives around an hour outside of London and that is fabulous.

So what do you do in London? You do museums of course! Free of charge museums are the best thing about London and Charlie wanted to check out the Science Museum. So we got the train in to London (it was mid week and so driving = nightmare + congestion charge).

The boys rocking their Spanish t shirts!

The science museum is super easy to get to, you get the train to Victoria station and then hop the underground to Kensington and there is an underpass which takes you right to the museum (or the V&A or Natural History if you fancy them). It’s clean, not intimidating and has classic London buskers.

The Science museum is a geeks paradise. You start in space with Buzz Aldrens space suit. I mean freaking ace right? The kids may not have really grasped the importance of this but hell I was impressed.

If you like vehicles it’s also the place for you, classic cars, famous boats and snow cats that have been in the Arctic plus FULL aeroplanes which I was kinda blown away by. I like planes. They are cool. Old ones, modern ones, ones with legs, whatever they are cool.


My fav bit of the day was the Who Am I section. Really cool stuff all about humans, from faces showing emotions to phobias and fears, I really loved the opening quotes…

It actually made me ponder my identity a lot and I’ll blog about it another day. We got to think about how our faces give away our emotions before we can even tell, how subtle changes in our mouths, eyes and nose can betray sadness or anger or surprise. The kids really liked it but their favourite bit was the pattern pod. A place where they got to see patterns come to life by changing things on the floor or in little stations and on screens. They could see the pattern in the way a dog walked or a duck waddled!

All in all there wasn’t *as much* for kids there as we were expecting, but we still enjoyed it all none the less, better for older kids I would say (we were with 5 and unders) but it was fun for us for sure! We needed more time there too plus we didn’t get to do any of the screenings, the IMAX or simulators which I think would have added to the experience. The Natural History is still a fav I think but it was a fun day out.

We headed back to home after we were finished there, getting the train back to the car and then making the journey home, around 5 hours which isn’t bad at all really but still feels arduous and boring. Snacking really helps with the boredom but did not help my waistline.

The skies were impressive though. I’m told it’s called God light.

As much as I love to be away, hate the drive and the travel, I am glad to be home. Tomorrow…how our break has continued in a little staycation.

8 thoughts on “London & Home Again

  1. The Science Museum is SO awesome – I love the plane part too:) Next time you’re in London you should definitely check out the V&A. Your boys may not be as excited but it is just amazing, chock full of beautiful and interesting pieces.

    Bet it felt fantastic to finally be home and in your own bed!

  2. I love taking advantage of free museum days here in Chicago – the abundance of cultural activities is definitely something I missed when I was in the small California farm town 😛 Thinking about identity beyond my physical self is a recurring theme with my weight loss journey. Very interested to see your thoughts on it!

  3. I wish we had such great free museums! We have some good museums, but they all charge and can be very expensive. How wonderful to see Buzz Aldrin’s suit, that would be incredibly cool. :)

    • I’m very privileged to have seen both Armstrong and Aldrens suits now :) Saw Armstrongs at Cape Canavril a long long time ago as a kid and it was cool to see Buzzes. We are lucky in the UK, most museums are free.

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