Holiday Targets!

So here I am, on route to Londinium to fly away from Great Winter to some sunshine in spain šŸ˜€ We have been checking the weather in Seville religiously for days now and check out these for some amazing temperatures!

So while I’m away I have some goals. I hope to report back on them when I return back to the UK. They are important to me and it would mean the world to me to be able to follow through with them too. I’ve beenĀ inconsistentĀ with diet recently and I’ve lost and gained and bounced around the 230’s. The other day I put my info in to MFP and it said “If every day were today you’d weigh 215 in five weeks”. That woke me up I can tell you. Five weeks is nothing really. So my goals…


So you can see where they are going. Read to inspire. Eat to be healthy. Be active to stay happy. Primal because, well, we have a BBQ. lol.

I am so looking forward to this break. We need this break. It’s so exciting to be travelling again although the process sucks to get there. It’s a slog at the moment and just to be able to sit, lay, read, relax will be so wonderful. Part of my happiness resolutions for this month is to read inspiring books, get outdoors and meditate more and it’s going to be so much easier to achieve out there. I mean how can you not feel relaxed with this? Plus we get to spend two days / one night in Seville city soaking up the culture.

I’ve scheduled a few posts while I’m away, I hope you don’t miss me too much!Ā 

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