Get Fit, Feel EPIC

I’m throwing down the gauntlet and this time it’s with the help of! Join us for Get Fit, Feel Epic! A fantastic prize awaits you!

Weight Wars
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I’m so excited to be launching a challenge with the start of the new academic year approaching, it always feels like such a fresh start and it gives us the chance to really round off those goals before the end of 2012!
While I have been contemplating this anyway I was given a nudge in the right direction by the lovely people at, or more specifically their life insurance sector. They put to me a very good argument from a point of view that really understood the effect that being unhealthy, unfit and overweight can have on every aspect of your life. We all know it’s generally bad for your health but did you ever consider how it can affect you financially? If you want a mortgage, if you want in insure your life to help your kids out when you are gone or  your family you are going to have to answer questions about your weight and general health and those premiums could cost you. I, for one, hadn’t considered the impact that kind of thing could have and it made me even more resolved to run the challenge, much like the beat the heat and fire up for fall challenges I’ve done before I love seeing people challenge themselves for a healthier life.
So I know you are all thinking what’s in it for me? Well something that should continue a drive to get healthier after the challenge has finished. I present to you the FitBit.
This magical little device is a master at motivating and telling us just how much you’ve been doing. I’ve had my eye on it forever and I’m so sad that I can’t be in the running for it and I have to give it away! For those who don’t know the fitbit uses a 3-D motion sensor, Fitbit Ultra tracks all the details about your daily activity that conventional pedometers would miss. When worn close to the body, this device tracks daily steps, number of stairs climbed, distance traveled, calories burned, and overall intensity of the activity level. Fitbit Ultra also contains an altimeter to track stairs or hills climbed. The compact design of the Tracker makes it easy to wear tucked into your pocket, clipped to a belt or bra all day. You can even wear it at night with the included Fitbit wristband to monitor how long and how well you sleep. Fitbit Ultra will monitor when you fall asleep and how many times you woke up throughout the night to provide a sleep efficiency index.
Check out the full description of the magical thing at the Fitbit Website or at Amazon. It’s seriously motivating having your every move recorded, if someone was watching you all day would you move more? I probably would :)
So how can you be in the running for this fabulous prize? It’s easy.
1. Set yourself five MEASURABLE goals. Take a look at Setting SMART targets in order to be clear on measurable. 
2. Take part in the weekly challenges set by me. 
3. Check in weekly and link up (if you need to take a break for a holiday/trip just email me and let me know).
The prize will be judged on a points system which will be fully disclosed at the start of the competition… It will be decided by me with possible consultation from Money Supermarket. I will make the final decision though. Final decision is final and no correspondence will be entered in to. I will be completely open about the decisions made and transparent at all points. There will be an honesty system, if there is the suggestion of impropriety it will be investigated to the best of my ability but I’m not MI5 so my reach maybe limited!  The competition is open worldwide but obviously shipping times will vary. Blogging is not a pre requisite although it’s always helpful, if you have no blog you can hook up with me through my facebook page or email and I’ll post your updates for you. 
So there you have it, simple and totally within your reach right? The competition will start on September 3rd but dont delay join up today! If you blog or have friends let them know to, spread the word, the Twitter hash tag is #GFGA I think it has a lovely ring about it! Sign up RIGHT HERE and you’ll get your first email in the last week of August :)
Can’t wait to see you and don’t forget to share!

6 thoughts on “Get Fit, Feel EPIC

  1. AWESOME!! I am so in – I’m finally back in the fitness groove and could use a challenge to hold me accountable for the last month of my half marathon training. How long is it going to run for?

    Game on – well on September 3rd:)

  2. You’re always so blinking inspirational Becks! I couldn’t do this challenge – I’m way too unfit – but you’ve made me write myself some goals, which I’ve put off until now. Just hope I stick to them!

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