Changing Stuff Up!

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So I’ve not been able to work out hardly at all this past week. I’ve struggled to sleep, my son was ill with gastroenteritis which promptly went through me to (luckily I wasn’t too ill) but made my man very ill indeed. He spent 5 days in Gastro hell and finally recovered by friday afternoon after coming down with the bug on Monday. I was ill Sunday/Monday, Charlie Saturday/Sunday. Trouble is, Children and Stomach bugs = mess of unholy proportions. Thank god we aren’t ill this way much! 

So between all that I’ve not been able to leave the boy in Mans care because if you can avoid looking after a child who bounces a lot when you are feeling shockingly ill. Plus I’d fallen from the wagon fairly hard and was suffering the digestive after effects. I’ve felt bloated, down in the dumps and generally meh. I also had to go to the doctor again because of my hip.

Some of you will remember that just over a year ago I had my hips x rayed and my film showed that I have some degenerative damage to my right hip, it’s not good for a woman of then 29. I went back as after finishing the 10k and the 5k in a week I was in considerable pain in my hip and pelvis. I rested it for around a week and it still wasn’t getting any better with even cycling, elliptical and swimming causing pain. The doctor has said I can run after a course of pills, but that no further than 5k is recommended until at least I’m at my goal weight. So resting, taking pills and looking after sick people hasn’t given me much of a chance to get my sweat on and I have really felt it! In this time I’ve been doing my best to really assess my training goals and I’ve come up with a few things. Obviously I’m not a trainer or anything but this is what I’m adopting.

I’m going to do cardio for a set amount of time rather than distance. 

When I was reading Life Without Limits I identified a lot with the mind set of Chrissie Wellington, more than I like to think about actually, we have a lot of shared experiences. Anyway, when she trained she always trained TIME rather than DISTANCE. I actually see how this might motivate me to work on speed and distance. I work best to a deadline, I will push myself harder like that and that sounds good to me, plus knowing when it will be over makes me happy lol.

Mixing up my cardio

So I’ve been running a  lot and everything else has suffered. I need to get my ass back in the pool and I put it off and put it off but it needs to be done!

Concentrate on weights

Lifting weights make me feel amazing. Really really amazing. More amazing than running or any other sport has ever made me feel. So I want to work hard through the NROLFW (New Rules of Lifting for Women) and move on with it. I’ve stalled after 8 sessions (of 16 in the first stage) because of limited access to the gym but I should be able to get 3 sessions at least in this week which will help as the small one is in sports camp.

Do more at home

We’ve been organising our at home workout space to make it more usable and that can only mean great things, plus I have a very cool piece of equipment coming which will revolutionise what we do at home. More about that another time though! I’m going to share my at home gym equipment with you in another post this week and what I desire!

Start building mat routines

I have my fit folder which is an awesome resource but I need to USE it as well as my pinterest exercise routine board. I want to structure my gym routines much more so that I can ensure I’m covering everything I need to be on the mat and keeping my body guessing as to what I’m trying to achieve, guessing = unstable = never gets bored!

Get Primal

 I love primal I am genuinely beginning to leave behind the urge to eat some of things that are out. I can’t imagine eating pasta/rice/bread again, Bread is the only one I’ve had in the last few months and that’s only while out to eat. I need to stop using going out as an excuse to go back to how I was eating pre primal/paleo. I need to get dedicated and consistent with my food.

So this is my mini plan for the time being. I’m looking forward to getting back to the gym today, I’m missing it. The small one is going to be doing a sports camp this week and there will be no sitting around as I have to pack for my holibobbles! A week in sunny spain is calling me and my lovely friends. I really have every intention of coming back without a gain on the scales, I’ll be weighing in the day I leave (Sat) morning and the day we arrive back home (we are spending a day and night in London too). I want so badly to show myself how far I have come and I genuinely have but I struggle to stick to things in group situations (we are travelling with friends) and I really struggle to do things when I have “holiday” to give me an excuse. I have good intentions, lets see if I can follow through. Wish me luck!

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  1. Rebecca, so sorry to hear Charlie’s been unwell. I’m a bit out of my exercise routine at the moment so I know how frustrating it can be.

    Love that you’re focusing on getting other stuff sorted though.


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