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A while ago I talked about the problems facing those of us on the chubbier side when looking for workout clothes in plus sizes and how tough it can be just to walk through the doors of a gym, let alone get our sweat on. It’s pretty true to most people who are overweight feel judged at some point in their life, be it eating in public or just walking down the street, but walking in to a room where people who have been fit their whole lives are and feel at home in the gym you can’t help but feel nervous about their reaction to you. If you head in there feeling like you are standing out like a sore thumb then you aren’t going to feel good.

That’s without thinking about having functional workout clothes. Wearing standard leggings or a big t shirt is going to slow you down and will not help you perform to your best which honestly can make you feel like a failure and when they fall apart in 5 minutes that financial burden could make it seem like it’s just not worth it. I wrote before about the mental factors involved in gym and then I looked at the sizing of mainstream fitness clothing and discovered that the sizing of fitness clothes was FAR far different to regular clothing sizes.

So when the other night a comment popped up on my post about sizing from a small business called We Fit In I realised that this was far from spam linkage. I got chatting with the owner (and very busy lady!) about the site and the reasons behind her starting it and we agreed with each other so much that I said I really wanted to let people know that she is there and not only does she do plus sized fashion she does it cheaper than some main stream fitness clothes. You may have seen me facebook a link to the site the other day.

I want to point out here, this is not a sponsored post. After chatting for a while I said I wanted to let my lovely readers know about her awesome site and she very kindly offered a code to give you fabulous people 10% off anything in store! I know she’s pretty lovely hey?

All you have to do is add the code Weight Wars at the checkout and ping! discount ahoy! Lovely readers go forth and shop! Here’s a few of my favourite things from the shop… the big attitude workout tee is awesome and in a choice of colours, I love the flattering cut too, the big attitude capri pant is really cute too, I’ve heard amazing things about Panache sports bras so will be trying this when we have some funds in the bank, and this swimsuit looks mega flattering too.

What is your fav thing from the store? 

3 thoughts on “We Fit In: Plus Sized Sportswear

  1. I know how difficult it was for me to find anything nice before I lost my weight – I had two pairs of running shorts, and wore a lot of mens technical shirts (because at least for men some bigger sizes exist!). How wonderful that this woman launched this company!

  2. The clothes are very nice. Why do you assume that everyone who is in a gym has been “fit their whole lives”? It’s certainly not the case, I assure you. Yes, the gym is my playground now, but I spent most of my first 38 years somewhere between slightly overweight and obese and avoided exercise with a passion. I certainly don’t judge people who are new to working out, no matter their weight, and I don’t think the majority of “gym rats” do either…we love converting people from couch potato to killer! I will add that as a now-fit person, I assure you, I am judged openly by the still-fat friends of yore who look at my changed lifestyle as betraying them, somehow.

    • Oh I absolutely don’t! I know I’m in there everyday but the first time I entered a gym it was the impression I got, there wasn’t one overweight person there in my eyes and having spoken with a lot of people starting out it is that fear of what lies ahead. I don’t really notice other people in the gym and I presume they don’t recognise me either. I’ve been at the receiving end of patronising, positive and down right rude comments but generally I realise people are interested in their workout not mine! I’m glad that you reinforce the positive of people in the gym, I certainly feel it when I go x

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