The Run That Wasn’t

So I didn’t make it to The British 10k, I was pretty devastated but in all honesty the universe completely was telling me not to go. You can read the whole sorry tale in my Final Destination post. So we got back from London  a day earlier than expected, the boy was booked out of school and man out of work so we all decided to have a nice chilled out day. Our bank balance severely depleted by the repairs to the car, and my eczema is flared up a little from the annoying stress of the weekend.

So today I took the reins, I decided enough of the pity party, my weigh in had been shocking that morning and had sobered me up a little from the eating fest of the weekend. Especially after hitting my lowest weight recorded just before we left for the 10k. Two steps forward, one step back! Story of my weight loss really but that’s life. I killed it yesterday, I will kill it again today. I know this is a gain since yesterday but actually that’s fine, because my lean body mass went up too. Body is reacting to me working out again after a weeks rest so it’s water retention ahoy! After todays workout I weighed again out of interest and I was a lb further up only 3 hours later. Water hates me.


So weight wise I am there right now. I promise, it won’t be long till I’m back down again.

So what did I do yesterday. Well I was woken by my alarm clock. We weren’t due to be back at home until yesterday evening so my alarm clock was not expected in school and the man wasn’t expected in work either. Oh. Have you met my alarm clock?


After I managed to wake up a bit I decided that I was going to run a 10k today. I run fastest outside but sadly the beautiful British summer we are having would never allow that to happen without my drowning in rain by then. So I decided to take it indoors which also gave the chaps a chance to go swimming and have some Father Son bonding time. So I pulled on my ill fated t shirt and shorts, well the whole outfit I had chosen for Sunday and headed off to the gym.


I hit the gym, walked a 5 minute warm up and then got to it. The issues I faced along the way, I HATE treadmill running, I’m always slower on the treadmill, about 20 minutes in I developed a horrid headache, mostly because the gym was so so warm. It was way too hot in there. I was sweating in not a ladylike glow more a dripping hot person melting kinda way. My knee was a bit sore all the way through too, it was ok once I warmed up but the last few kms were sore.

I pushed through the hotness and the soreness and I paced myself and I finished really strong (or more like feeling the faster I go the quicker it’s over….)


When I was done I was so so glad to be done lol but even more glad that I finished strong, I felt I could have kept going even though it was difficult. It’s not the most interesting thing walking on the treadmill and while I was on it I got a phonecall to say the car repairs would take approximately £690 of work. I nearly died from that rather than the run.

So yes, I acknowledge that my time is nothing special, but what’s special to me is 18 months ago I wouldn’t have even contemplated walking that distance let alone trying to add running intervals in to it as well. So this is me, all done! So I completed my own British 10k and however slow it was, I am still proud, because it would have been easier to wallow, easier to say I couldn’t do it.


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