Sweating It Out

Today I should be out running the Race For Life (weather permitting), wish me luck !!

I don’t know about everyone else near me but I LOVE doing a workout that gets me disgustingly sweaty. I mean dripping, and stinging eyes sweaty. On friday morning I nearly didn’t go to the gym but ended up going anyway and oh my I’m glad I did. I did a run. Currently I am testing my time over a mile and a half. My target is 14m30s and so far, I’m quite a considerable distance away from that but I’m going to keep going. My Nike says this, my treadmill doesn’t agree but I’ll go with the Nike.


So that there was the run, this here is me after it…


I love the glow! Plus my run was slower than I wanted because I kept having to adjust my trousers because  they were sliding down! I tightened that drawstring as tight as I could and carried on but it’s frustrating having to hike up your leggings every five minutes! They are better for cross training than running but anyway.

While we are on the subject of clothes I’m wearing my technical jubilee finishers t shirt from The British 10k. After I emailed with my tale of woe and proof of my 10k finisherness they got in touch with me and sent this!


It’s a nice shirt, good technical wear for the gym and running, it fit really nicely too and the medal is nice this year and has joined my collection on the entrance hall mirror. Three for this year so far. Hopefully I’ll get one today too later.

After I finished running I did Stage 1 Workout A3 of the NROLFW. It was awesome. I LOVE lifting and it’s a straightforward workout which genuinely makes me work and feel amazing by the end of it. This is my HRM information from the weight lifting session. It starts with squats (15 x2 at 30kg), then push ups and seated rows (15 x2 at 18kg), then step ups (15 per leg x2) and prone jacknifes (10 x2).


 I also read the other day that as you get fitter you actually tend to sweat more, your body knows what’s coming so it doesn’t hold on to heat the way it did when you started working out and it wondered what the hell was going on. I’ve noticed, especially recently, that I sweat more, I am working effectively but also my body is getting used to the fact that I go hard (for me!). I love it when I end up looking like this


So do you like to sweat? 

5 thoughts on “Sweating It Out

  1. Oh that’s excellent that they sent you the shirt and medal. So pleased as I know how disappointed you were. Good luck for the race for Life today <3

  2. I love this post (and you’ve inspired me to write about ‘sweat’ next!) and how wonderful that you got the medal and shirt! That’s great. SO deserving!

  3. I love that they sent you the shirt and the medal after hearing about your rather frightening trip, and your dedication to running the 10K. And a beautiful medal too. :)

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