My Favourite Things

I’ve said many times my favourite thing about losing weight and getting healthy has been my families reaction to it. We’ve gone from the odd walk here and there to fully getting healthy together.

The man has lost 20lbs, has started working on his fitness and has taken up Ju Jitsu, in a year he’s gone from doing no exercise what so ever to walking in to a Dojo and grading three belts to his Orange belt. He trains in Ju Jitsu four hours a week and attends the gym with me to lift weights and do some more cardio once a week usually.


It makes us laugh how much we’ve changed, we bond in the gym, we eat well, we frequently laugh at our change in attitudes but amongst those laughs are reminders that we never want to feel that way again, that those old habits, they nearly destroyed us, those old habits made us miserable and most of all they made us a bad example to our child.

And our child, who has had quite a difficult week along with us, is proving one of the biggest turnarounds. Our child loves Macdonalds, the allure of the toy is too much, but 99% of the time, he wants to be healthy. He makes healthy choices, he likes to eat like a dinosaur and he talks about protein that helps our muscles and wants to be healthy. It’s brilliant how enthusiastic he is, and it’s infectious too. It keeps my eye on the ball because monkey see monkey do is very true of five year olds. He’s about to finish his first ever year of school and the report that accompanied his workbook home this week is glowing. Areas for improvement are there but overall he’s doing fantastically and showing real academic promise with a great end of reception EYFS score.

Most of all Charlie has found a love of sport too. Following in his dad’s footsteps, he’s taken up Ju Jitsu too, the group took him on a trial basis as he was a year younger than their youngest member but he’s fit in really well and on Saturday he achieved his second red stripe. (The adult grades are in full colour belts until brown belt, the children’s go in 1 stripe, 2 stripes and the full).  He’s been doing Ju Jitsu since January so I’m mega proud of his achievement and so is he!


He also has started diving after watching Tom Daley train at our local pool. He’s found a sport that he literally bounces to he loves it so much. It’s great to see him enjoying being physical. In the first pic he’s the one going off the far board arms and legs everywhere.


I must admit things on the food front have been a lot smoother since the man joined the Paleo, we try and keep each other on track and are far more often a good influence on each other more than a bad one. If one of us is doing better than the other we gee each other up a  bit and get each other back to healthiness.

It inspires me that they are getting healthy and happy too. It’s wonderful to watch Charlie grow in to a young man who hopefully will not know the issues I have known with my healthy. He sees me fight on every single day. I hope he remembers that journey and how much work it takes to undo unhealthiness.

Thanks for allowing me an indulgent celebration and boast about my lovely boys, they really are a big big part of my journey. 

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  1. you have all come so far as a family, which is fantastic. Start them young and raise them healthy, and think about what a long, healthy life you’ll all have!

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