So my body can do what my brain wants to.


This is one of the biggest motivators for me right now. It’s currently written on a post it on my wall along with a number of other motivators which are to encourage my focus when things start to get very busy. The second half of 2012 is going to be a big one for me, I’m feeling more determined than ever before and that is bringing with it it’s own focus.

Trouble with me, and it’s a frequent thing unfortunately that I have to be very careful to pull back in, is that I run headlong in to big things without thinking them through first, I get excited and happy about something and don’t really consider the implications to me. The Half Marathon is part of that. I got a place at the Plymouth Half Marathon, it’s one of the toughest in the country and it’s double the distance I have ever done before. I was looking forward to it, I wanted to join the half marathon club and it’s not till April 2013 afterall but running a 10 k and then a 5k a week apart left me struggling to get upstairs as my right hip was in so much pain. It’s ok while I run but afterwards it’s brutal. The physio at the race feels it’s a lower back problem and I’m very weak in the core. I know also that my right hip has more wear and tear than it should at this stage in my life so all in all it means I really should not run 13.2 miles. I’m still considerably over 200 lbs which makes the pressure on my joints when I run considerable. It’s not realistic at the moment and that bums me out.

The naval reserves is another goal that I’d love to achieve too. The Navy RPT (Recruit Physical Test) is 1.5 miles in 14.38 minutes for my age and sex. Right now, I can’t do it. I’m about 5 minutes off it but I can’t run my best either because of my hip. Again, enthusiasm before ability. It’s got me pretty frustrated. Struggling to do any physical activity after my hip started hurting and then thinking about the things that were so close but so far like the Navy stuff and I just got sad and angry. Then I saw this.

I may never be able to be part of the 13.1 club. I’m sad about that but I know there are other challenges out there for me. So I started thinking about what I *could* do rather than what I couldn’t. It’s a sure fire way to get me back in a better mood! So I thought about what I love to do, what is reasonable and what is within my particular physical requirements and I ended up coming back to what the doctor recommended….Bike, Swim and Short Runs. Yeah. So you see where this is going….I wanna do them all together! Reading Kris write about triathlon made it feel like it was so achievable and her blog Trying To Tri continues to be inspiring, she’s just finished a 70.3 Ironman!

So the plan now? Get through the last five k of the year at the end of August ONLY if my leg is feeling up to it. Keep training like I love it (cause I do) and add some bike and more swim work in to it. The pool always seems like a huge hassle but really I love it when I get in there and I have myself a little waterproof MP3 and that will help stave off the boredom if nothing else! So I want 2013 to be the year of Triathlon! I’m trying to get to grips with the equipment needed, in the UK you can guarantee you’ll need a wetsuit for open water swims and I don’t have such a thing! I can’t imagine squeezing myself in to one right now either but that’s why I NEED to focus on getting my weight down and my fitness up.

Does your mind go faster than your body sometimes? Please tell me I’m not the only one! 

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  1. Awww thanks for the link love! Funny, I find your site and your positive attitude so inspiring when I’m just not feeling the fitness love.

    As for the mind/body thing, I have NO patience and want all my fitness gains to be RIGHT NOW. I just have to remind myself that hard work pays off in spades every time.

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