July Happiness: Buy Some Happiness

So the happiness project enters in to a controversial month! Money is a hotly debated topic one of the most memorable quotes being “money can’t buy you happiness” but I do think it can buy some degree of happiness.

To explain we have to look at world economics, countries which are wealthier and more financially sound tend to have the highest happiness ratings amongst it’s citizens, because there is little public focus on economics and little stress created by it which means people can individually focus on their own goals and such no matter how supportive the state is to them as individuals the lack of worry about the country is hugely beneficial. On an individual level having your finances in order and clear guidelines on spending means you can carry out life and focus on other things therefore making life easier and less stressful which = happier!


So I need to set my resolutions about money:

Fine tune our budget and stick to it!

We have a good budget, it allows us to save and have a social life as well as ensuring that all our expenses are covered. I hope that I can crack the whip a bit and ensure that we stay on track through this month. I blogged about our budget a while ago if you wanted to have a look at what we based it on.

It’s important that we budget, we are terrible with money otherwise and it causes a considerable amount of stress if not managed well, plus having a savings plan means we can make our future dreams a reality. Such important things for our happiness.

Make needful purchases

This one is stolen from the happiness project. Gretchen talks about “needful” purchases, literally only buying day to day things that you need and thinking carefully about how your money is spent, to me it’s something I really need to work on and make habit because for every non needful purchase that’s less money in our savings, less money towards our future and that’s important. I love shopping and spending money which is not conducive to a good savings package! So I’m going to write down everything I buy and review what was needful and what wasn’t from the 1st onwards.

Find a way to measure our savings against our savings target

I really love to see a goal progress and we have a savings target in our head and I want to see how well we are doing and I love a visual so I am going to try and figure something out!

Use the things you do pay for, get your bills in order.  

So I have a gym membership that I use but I want to make sure I am aware of all our bills and try and ensure that the money is getting us best value. Not necessarily being cheap but ensuring that we are getting value for money from our purchases.

Fundraising drive.

It’s halfway through the year and I’m halfway to my fundraising target but I need to keep plugging away at it, ensuring that friends and family sponsor me is only half the fun that I’ve got in mind!

So short and sweet this month but I am going to enjoy getting it done.  

3 thoughts on “July Happiness: Buy Some Happiness

  1. This is actually coming at just the right time; Bruce & I are looking at our budget and finance this week! I’ll have goals for July to write about once we’re done. :)

    Love your goals – being mindful is so important to preventing impulse purchases (or eating half a bag of chips, which I just did).

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