So I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about today, then I saw Fatima Whitbread on television yesterday. For those who don’t know who Fatima is, she was an olympic champion Javelin thrower who has won multiple Gold medals, she broke the world record in 1986, she is an incredible athlete.

She is  half Turkish Cypriot mother and Greek Cypriot father, for those who aren’t sure, generally those two nations don’t get on so her parents emigrated to the UK in the 60’s. We don’t know what happened but one day a neighbour heard a baby crying and realised that there were no other signs of life in the flat. She called the police who found Fatima after being left for 3 days as a very young baby (under 1).

She had severe malnutrition and nappy rash and was hospitalised for a month and taken in to care. She stayed in care till she was 9 when her mother suddenly reappeared with half siblings and took her home. Fatima recalled that her first conversation with her biological mother was in the garden of the children’s home and her mother bent down to her and her half sister and said in broken English “You look after your sister or I slit your throat”. Her home life with her mother was very unhappy and she started to be pulled towards sport and one day trying athletics. She took up Javelin and her Javelin coach was Margaret Whitbread who by the age of 14 had adopted Fatima after realising that she spent most of her time with the Whitbread family. That point onwards she had a happier life, in which sport was a major factor, leading to her be a world record holder and world champion.

She faced an incredible amount adversity growing up, she is a real inspiration in my eyes. Someone who has had the worst possible start in life, left to die in a flat alone. She didn’t let that dominate her life, she didn’t let her past dictate her future and that is something that I draw an awful lot of strength from. I am not dictated to by my past and my future is so much brighter and happier since I let go of a lot of hurt and poor choices.

I’ve forgiven myself for a lot of my past. I’ve made such mistakes in my life in the past,  I’ve held on to things far too much and not held on to some other things too long. I’m so excited about the things I’m working towards and I’m nervous for other things. I want to talk about it all so much but you will have to wait.

Weigh in yesterday was surprising. The two days before I had been like a munchy munchy, over my cals and carbs on both days and bam! Lowest weight ever recorded:

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  1. Wow, that’s an amazing story. I can’t understand that, I really can’t. I don’t proclaim to be the best mom ever, but abandoning them was never an option. (Now, as teenagers, it’s a little different…. can’t give them away NOW!)

    Fantastic job on the weight loss!

  2. That’s an amazing story, so very inspirational. And so is your weight-loss and super positive attitude, you’re really killing it at the moment.

    I love all the quotes on your page, today’s made me go and search out Cark Jung’s words of wisdom “I am not what happened to me, I am what I chose to become.”

    Good luck with the race on Sunday not that you really need it – all your training and positive thought will help you fly along the course:)

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