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So in yesterdays post I talked about my wall of wonder and what it meant to me, also how the end of a school year always makes me reflect. It’s half way through 2012 and I’m excited to announce that I’m working on a world wide challenge which will have an awesome fitness prize! Keep your excited pants on and keep your eye on the blog!

So I said that I would talk a bit about my inspirations and motivations at the moment and I want to start with a book I just read. Chrissie Wellingtons autobiography “A Life Without Limits“. I don’t usually read biographies but I’d heard good things and I hoped it lived up to it.

This is the story of a girl from Norfolk who eventually became the world champion Ironman (woman!). She’s an incredible athlete and went from a teenage eating disorder to a world record breaker and world champion. She started as a marathon runner and ended up doing triathlon. It’s something that is on my list – not Ironman tris but a nice sprint will do me  – and something I’ve really been considering lately is my limits. Physical, mental etc.

So my current motivators on the wall of power….


Obviously some of these are really self explanatory but I wanted to touch on a few, and one of them is going to get it’s very own post.


This one has been playing on my mind a fair bit. As of now I am 35 lbs away from onederland. 199.9 would do me! I would love to be there by Christmas but I’m not sure that is possible. It’s taken me half a year to shift 19lbs so I’m not sure what makes me think I can shift 35 in the other half but it’s a challenge isn’t it? I’m always being told if you aim for the moon and miss you are going to hit the stars anyway. So 199.9 is my moon.


Recently I was approached to join the Royal Navy Reserves (think Territorial Army but for the Navy!). I went along to an open evening and it was really inspiring and I knew that I was interested. Really interested. The big sticking point is the fitness test. There are two of them, and the biggest thing you have to do is run 1.5 miles in around 14 minutes (for my age category). Currently, and shamefully, I’m not even close to that. It’s so frustrating. Otherwise I’m a great candidate for the reserves. I have skills they love and I have drive. I’m working on it but I’ve been so frustrated recently as my hip has stopped me being able to run. I’ll keep you informed of course of my progress!


For the first time in many many years I’m going to have several Christmas functions to go to this year. I want to have a great dress. I want to look good. I guess it partly ties in with onederland too but also it’s helping me stay focussed on exercise. Diet may shrink my body but working out really is shaping it. So this little reminder on the wall above my alarm clock is helping me a great deal!


What’s inspiring you right now? What’s your motivation? 

5 thoughts on “Inspiration and Motivation

  1. I love your wall of post it notes. I’m a visual girl, and I’ve been struggling accomplishing things because I have no good place to put visual reminders.

    I really have to read Chrissie’s book, she’s an amazing athlete, and an amazing woman too.

    The Royal Navy Reserves? Awesome! you can get there. As for Onederland by Christmas, it will be hard, but I have faith in you.

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