I’m Too Busy

I’m currently sat on the sofa, resting a very sore hip and leg and it’s got me thinking about what’s to come. Very soon, just 2 short months away (as of yesterday) I will be in full time employment. Employment with flexible hours, employment which will involve some  travel, employment which will need me to work odd shifts, including some night work. For the last few years I have had the privilege to work for myself, and this blog and getting healthy became my second employment. At the end of this week that’s all over because the small one will be home with me.

I won’t have that luxury any more. And it is a luxury and knowing that that time is coming to an end very soon is really waking me up to the fact that I don’t have much real time left to force my weight down and spend considerable time working out and being active but equally I need to recognise that having a job is absolutely no excuse.

I am watching some tv show about a woman, she’s similar to me in a lot of ways although found herself at a much higher start weight than I did. When she started her journey she was 27 stone that’s 378 lbs. In one year she lost 10 stone (140lbs) with the help of a personal trainer. She was a food self harmer, she ate knowing that it was harming her but eventually she started to feel better in herself and stopped the binging, stopped the self hate. The difference between this show and the usual weight loss shows is she did this completely within her life. She lived at home, cooked for herself, looked after her child and had some breakdowns along the way yet she did so much. Her fiancée was away for the majority of the time, he didn’t help. Nor did her family who constantly seemed to drag her off course and she managed to do this every freakin day.

6.30am – Get up
Eat, pack and get child to sitter.
7 – 9am – Gym
9am-6pm -Work in very stressful job
6-7pm – Pick up kid, cook dinner and have child time
7pm– child to bed
8.30-9pm – household chores
9 – 9.30pm – bed.

It makes me feel like I have NO EXCUSES. I have loads of support around me. I have a fabulous child who likes being active, and friends who have similar goals too.

So I am starting to plan. I know from experience that working out in the AM is far more likely to happen for me than working out in the PM. This means I have to be DONE by 8.30am. We live 20mins from the gym so I need to be there for 6.30 am ideally. My first hurdle is the summer holidays. I have 6 glorious weeks with my lovely boy starting on Friday and I cannot let that derail me like it has every single other year. This is a dry run, a chance to get my act together to face the working world again. I’m getting my food act together too, it’s been very hit and miss.

I’m not going to weigh in daily on here now the race has passed. The last race of the season is in just over a month and my tattoo is booked for 2 days before the race, this could be bad. I am really enjoying my running and general training at the moment but my hip has been playing up a bit and has been sore so I’ve been resting for two days. I am ITCHING to get back in there. I hope that this continues when I have to do it early in the morning!

Remind me of this if I’m not getting on with it….

 How do you work around your real life? 

5 thoughts on “I’m Too Busy

  1. I always say to people that I didn’t find time – I made time. I have the same hours in the day as everyone else…..you just have to make it work.

  2. i’m the same, it has to be morning. by the time i have time in the evening its too late and i make excuses. i run at 6.30am so i can be home by 7.15 when mister leaves for work. it still means sacrificing some evening as i need to go to bed earlier but it works mostly. i’m trying to work out if that will work when i have my own job to be at. which i will one day, hopefully. i try remind myself that you dont find the time, you make the time too.

  3. You know me and my saga of balancing work and home….

    I find it easier now to accept I have little control and go with it. I am exhausted and feel too busy but realised that complaining about that will never change it. I just have to get out there, do it and get on with it.

    It also helps to prioritise about what is really important. Learn to ditch the stuff that ultimately you can do without. For me, that’s ironing. When I first went back to work I read ‘Time Management for Manic Mums’ – a good realistic read that helps you to focus on what is important.

    Also remember that you must have a place on the important list for what you want/need

  4. Rebecca, I agree with you – I read/ see stories like the one you mention and think, ‘If she did it, so can I!’ (Though I guess different things overwhelm different people.)

    I’m quite contented with my routine at the moment as I’m mostly getting my exercise in during my working day – either at lunch or straight from work. It means I don’t have to think about it at other times and it’s basically a habit now. I think working out what’s sustainable and then just making it part of your day is important.

    Enjoy your last weeks at home with Charlie!

  5. Scheduling is everything – if you know mornings work, then make it your morning priority. For me, I sacrifice dinner with the family sometimes in order to get my runs in, because I don’t run well in the morning. I will swim in the morning though, so that helps.

    You can do it, it will take some practice, but you’ll get it done!

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